Várfok Galéria | Budapest, Hungary

Varfok | Arte Laguna

Budapest, Hungary

Várfok Gallery, founded in 1990 by Károly Szalóky, is one of the first private galleries dealing with contemporary art in Hungary. Over the years, it has grown and developed professionally. Today the gallery consists of a main space, a project room for young artists, an outdoor gallery and an art library.
The gallery deals mainly with painting and photography and collaborates with several resident artists; many of their works are placed with the gallery in order to allow research and documentation.
In addition to organizing exhibitions in Hungary, Várfok Gallery actively participates in the international art scene. Thanks to its extensive network of contacts and collaboration with partner galleries, it also offers to its artists exhibitions abroad and participates in international art fairs. Over the years, the gallery has participated in prestigious fairs such as come FIAC, ARCO, Kunst Zürich, Kunst Köln, Colonia Fine Art, Art Paris Art Fair, art KARLSRUHE, MIA Photo Fair.


Varfok | Arte Laguna

Hélène Muheim
(Annecy, France)

Winner at 13th edition

Swatch | ArteLaguna

Silvia Manazza
(Roma, Italia)

Vincitore 10^ edizione

Fonderia Battaglia | Artelaguna

Eracle Dartizio
(Milano, Italia)

Vincitore 8^ edizione