The Black Holes | Riga, Latvia

The Black Holes is a platform in Riga (Latvia) for collaboration, experiments and training for artists from different disciplines, styles, genres, schools and cultures.

The aim is to encourage artists to collaborate, focus on the idea of an art work within the context from micro to macro scale and explore new areas of their artistic practice.

GROUP RESIDENCIES is one of activties organised by the Black Holes team and its partners.
Usually 6 artists from various art fields are invited for 3 weeks to create new ideas for their new art works collaborating with each other. Each Black Hole residency is led by the moderator (experienced art professional) who guides residents, offers tasks and shows directions on how to go through several phases of research and experiments. In the end of each week participants present the process of the residency to invited audience, the final presentation is open for public.

One of LagunaArtPrize winners will be invited to take part in the Black Holes residency in summer of 2024.
The residency will be hosted by the Totaldobže Art Centre situated in the former soviet military aviation institute on Viskalu Street 36, Riga, Latvia. There will be also invited experts from visual art, contemporary dance, music and architecture to give a courses or masterclasses for selected 6 participants from different art fileds, cultures and countries.



Photographs by:
Kaspars Lielgalvis
Laura Prikule
Matthias Rott


Anticipating 2020s | Arte Laguna Prize


  • 21 days in Rīga, Latvia at Totaldobže Art Centre

  • The residency includes:
  • - Accommodation in a private room
  • - Studio space
  • - Final event open to the local public

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