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Taipei, Taiwan

The Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government founded Taipei Artist Village in 2001 with the intent of fulfilling the responsibility that the arts have to society, by enacting an artist-in-residence program and revitalizing a derelict space.
Treasure Hill Artist Village is located in Taipei City’s first officially designated historical community, and was officially founded in 2010 in the hope of allowing art to take root in this settlement, based on the concept of mutually beneficial coexistence, and providing artists with a space to live and make art, in the context of concern for society. Through the Artist-in-Residence Taipei (AIR Taipei) program, both Taipei Artist Village and Treasure Hill Artist Village have actively launched exchange programs with other international artist villages in different cities across the globe. Until the end of 2014, a total of 391 artists from 58 countries have lived and worked at Taipei Artist Village and Treasure Hill, and 145 Taiwanese artists have participated in artist exchange programs all over the world as part of AIR Taipei. Within 10 short years, TAV has taken on a lead role in providing a platform for international artistic and cultural exchange.
The joint operation of the two artist villages creates a greater space for cross-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue, and provides the city with a diverse platform where the strength and possibilities of art can be developed and spread to other corners of the world.


Taipei | ArteLaguna

Liz Collins
(New York City, United States)

Winner at 11th edition

Taipei | ArteLaguna

Charly N’doumbe
(Bayonne, France)

Winner at 10th edition

Fonderia Battaglia | Artelaguna

Eracle Dartizio
(Milano, Italia)

Vincitore 8^ edizione