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The special Prize dedicated to Art and Sustainability is part of the 18th International Arte Laguna Prize.

The prize is promoted and created in collaboration with Framis Italia.
To participate, it is required the presentation of works, products and art projects which enhance the RRR strategies (Reuse, Recycle, Reduce), their positive impact on nature and the lives of citizens. In particular, works are required that enhance the theme of the transformation of materials into new resources through the creation of artistic works that involve the use of elastic ribbons produced by Framis.
Framis Italia was founded in 1979 to promote the use of a new elastic polyurethane tape, Framilon®, in the apparel industry. Our purpose and structure have evolved over time in step with our global expansion, changing consumer needs and constant innovation of our products.

Each step of the Company re-cent history aimed at offering Customers an increasingly sustainable value proposition, supporting the transition towards a more re- sponsible consumption thanks to the gradu- al phasing-out of dangerous organic solvent from our production precesses and decarbon- ization of our activities.

Framis Italia requires artists to present a project or artworks with the following characteristics:

– To be installed into the company
– That includes Framis’ Tape: a very elastic material made of polyurethane and thermoadhesive, therefore applicable thanks to the action of heat (iron). Tapes will be available in 10cm or 20cm in height. Tape is also both soft and light.
– To be presented with something other than a sketch that helps visualize the result such as mockups, edited pics, collage, renders
– There are no preferences regarding the size or type of object to be presented.



With ICE AGE, the artist poses a question to the viewer: are we evolving or regressing? A refrigerator, a symbol of our desire for preservation, hangs – lifeless – over our heads, symbolizing the looming weight of a present of overconsumption and a future of scarcity. Countless tapes of an innovative new plastic material support this weight, showing how sustainable progress is the only defense against a new “ice age.” The installation fully captures the essence of Framis Italia, between heritage and innovation: returning to primal elements of life – such as water – to solve the problems of the present, and preserve the future.


To look into the face of the future, without fully understanding it, but with the confidence that it will be a better future. This is PARTY ANIMAL, a work that physically faces the viewer with the fear but also the curiosity of the unknown: a hybrid creature, a delicate but disturbing new life form, an exploration of what life might become. The creature gives form to the spirit of Framis Italia, which goes beyond the beaten track to explore and make real, through research, sustainable and responsible innovation, the creation of a new, vibrant future.


  • Prize of 2.000 euros and supply of Framis elastic tapes to carry out the work.

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