PRIMOPIANO CUCINE S.p.A. was founded in Campodarsego (Padua) in 2011 in order to offer customized kitchens and solutions and being able to represent the style and ways of living the kitchen of their customers.
The Padua-based company is a leader in the sartorial design of exclusive environments, creating environments and places to live well.
Showrooms are located in Padua, Milan and Brescia.


Kitchen By You

A kitchen able to tell your story and your personality: not only a physical space, but a personalized, unique and special place, that becomes the perfect environment to express your emotions, with the attention to all the details, following the wishes of those who live there.

The PRIMOPIANO kitchens are inspired by the Kitchen by You philosophy, in which each project becomes the self-expression, inspired by the way of being and living of each other.

PRIMOPIANO CUCINE recognizes the importance of customizing every detail, offering a tailored design that suits your needs and reflects your passions.

The concept of customization goes beyond the simple choice of materials and colors, it’s a holistic approach that embraces every aspect of the kitchen, from the arrangement of the elements to the most refined details. Every single element is carefully taken care of, reflecting its own aesthetic taste and especially its personality.

Kitchen by You is then, a unique design and realization experience, in which the person is the real protagonist. The kitchen becomes a place of inspiration and sharing, where you can express your passions, creating unforgettable moments with the people you love.


Made in Italy custom kitchen production

PRIMOPIANO CUCINE represents Made in Italy, where technological innovation meets high quality design. The custom-made kitchens production is possible thanks to advanced technologies that allow to create ad-hoc solutions for each customer.

Through a constant process of innovation, PRIMOPIANO has achieved a high degree of technological precision in design and production.

Designers, engineers and technicians create the most advanced products, collaborating directly with customers in the Showrooms of Padua, Brescia and Milan. The Padua-based company transforms the kitchen environment into a personalized space of great inspiration, creating spaces that reflect the personality and lifestyle of the customers

The manufacturing facility is currently divided into four units that include the HQ, the warehouses, the Showrooms and the Production areas, for a total surface of about 18,000 square meters.
The continuous innovation leads the PRIMOPIANO R&D team to create products of high durability for An high quality approach.


 Vision and corporate values

The PRIMOPIANO CUCINE Vision is to create environments and places to live well.
The company’s Mission is to design and build personalized environments to live unique experiences and daily wellness for our customers.

The values that Padua-based Company is inspired by are:

Excellence: “We always want to make the difference, for us and for our customers”.
Integrity: “We promote dialogue, transparency and authenticity”.
Respect: “We listen to the needs of each customer to enrich us of its uniqueness”.
Meritocracy: “We enhance who gives value to the customer”.
Responsibility: “We live a deep commitment to our customers to create a unique experience”.                                                                                                                                                                        


PRIMOPIANO CUCINE has decided to promote a Special Award dedicated to the artist who will give, in line with the company’s vision, the importance of well living in the places that surround the person in everyday life. All because PRIMOPIANO wants to promote art as a true expression of well-being.

In the PRIMOPIANO philosophy, elegance, refinement and aesthetic sense are functional to living well because only if surrounded by an environment capable of expressing the identity and by harmony, the people can feel good, living their emotions.

The award is part of the concept of PRIMOPIANO CUCINE to bring the majority of people closer to art, in a perspective of contamination, because art creates well-being as well as the ultimate goal of the company’s Vision.

The techniques allowed to the PRIMOPIANO CUCINE Special Prize are:
–  Sculpture and Installation. The allowed height is 2,90 meters
–  Video Art and Short Films
–  Virtual and digital art
–  Art Design

We suggest to all the participants to study and go deep into PRIMOPIANO CUCINE world going on primopiano.com or directly to one of the Company Showroom located in Padua, Brescia or Milan.



Claudia Bonollo | Arte Laguna Prize per PrimoPiano Cucine

Claudia Bonollo
(Rome, Italy)
Winner at 18th edition


  • € 3.000 cash Prize and the selected project could be realized with times and methods that will be agreed with the winning artist.

  • Participation requires to artists, designers, students and creative to present a work or a project that can tell
  • the importance of well living in the places that surround the person in everyday life.

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