PAPILLOVER | Napoli, Italy

Papillover | Arte Laguna Prize

Napoli, Italia

PAPILLOVER is the project of Manuela, Sara and Fabio, three young entrepreneurs who have decided to turn their passion for bow ties and for Made in Italy into the core of their business, focusing on an entirely handmade product, made with the highest quality materials.

The young start-up places the bow tie at the center of its world, as an everlasting symbol of elegance and formal style, and revolutionizes the identity of this product by presenting many new designs and original patterns to suit every look.

The bow tie is no longer listed among men’s accessories but it also becomes suitable for women and children. In short, bow ties for everyone and for every occasion.


Philip Colbert | Arte Laguna Prize

Philip Colbert
(Perth, United Kingdom)

Winner at 11th edition


  • Prize 1,000 Euro for the winning project.

  • Submission of painting and graphic proposals, of new textures or shapes for bow tie designs, in order to create a prototype for a Limited Edition branded Papillover.
  • The proposal may feature the design of new products, similar to bow ties, aimed at the company’s target market..

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