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Treviso, Italy

Open Dream: from industrial production to the production of Made in Italy excellence.
In December 2016, the purchase of the former Pagnossin industrial site was completed to launch a particularly ambitious and complex regeneration project: Open Dream.
The aim is to revitalize these unused spaces in order to give back to the community an extraordinary patrimony: an area of 100,000 square meters at the gates of Treviso, inserted in a context of industrial excellence, as well as cultural, artistic, artisanal and naturalistic.
Talent, wit, sensitivity, visionary spirit: this is the Genius loci of a space that is ready to come back to life.
The project was born to regenerate a disused industrial complex, starting from its history and from the territory, in order to create a synergistic pole of excellence production, unique in its kind: a showcase to stand out and be known all over the world.
The architectural project, inspired by the legislation on sustainable urban regeneration and bio-economy, makes Open Dream a place of unique experiential tourism. Open Dream is the new fortress of excellence production. A physical space steeped in history where Art, Food and Made in Italy come together to create workshops, events and new sensory experiences.
The “production of excellence” that has distinguished the Pagnossin Company has been translated into production of the Arts and the redevelopment of each factory has been designed to create new spaces where FOOD, ART, GREEN TOURISM, INNOVATION and EVENTS merge and mix to transmit the authenticity and the historical traditions of the territory.
Open Dream wants to propose itself in the territory as a factory of culture linked to the dissemination of art through the construction of a large exhibition center. Thanks to the “Artists Residencies” program, Open Dream will become a space in which to produce, admire and experience art. The residencies will be finalized to supporting the artists and to enhancing the territory.


Open Dream | ArteLaguna

Marina Gómez Fernández
(Santander, Spain)

Winner at 13th edition

Elham Eshraghian | Arte Laguna Prize

Elham Eshraghian
(Perth, Australia)

Vincitore 14^ edizione


  • Art Residency
  • of 1 month + final open studio.

  • The residency includes:
  • - accommodation
  • - working space at the former factory Ceramiche Pagnossin
  • - logistic support on site
  • - a grant to support the production costs
  • - final open studio.
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