NY20+ | Sichuan, China

Situated in Chengdu Sichuan, NY20+ is an art promotion organization supported by Nongyuan Culture (abbreviated as NY below) with three theme gardens covering 141,000 square meters. It is committed to international art and culture exchanges and overseas projects. NY20+ conducts international Artist Residency Program, exhibition planning school-enterprise cooperation, non-for-profit art platform and other programs.

Since its initiation in 2008, the Artist Residency Program, which is based on the rich Bashu Culture, the inclusive Chengdu city and NY’s culture ecology, is free open to applicants in the field of art or design every year, with a commitment to digging into local arts and cultures, exploring the organic integration between the tradition and modern, exchanging and promoting arts and culture.

NY20+ will stick to open the residency opportunities to all creators around the world, expand the space for potential integration of Bashu Culture, and contemporary art. Applicants can refer to Bashu culture and traditional Chinese handicrafts, or choose any kind of Bashu or traditional elements, patterns, historical stories, craftsmanship and etc. for using them in the art creation without limitation of creation forms. NY20+ will select the residency project plans submitted by applicants and then candidate will be provided with residency qualifications, related support and opportunity for displays, exhibitions and exchanges.


(Berlin, Germany)
Winner at 18th edition

Audrey Lim | Arte Laguna Prize

Audrey Lim
(Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)
Winner at 18th edition

Marco Hemmerling
(Cologne, Germany)
Winner at 18th edition


  • 31 days at Nongyuan Culture in Chengdu (Sichuan) in China

  • The residency includes:
  • - Accommodation in furnished and equipped private or shared bedrooms
  • - Standard breakfast
  • - Lunch and dinner
  • - Use of private or shared studios/workspaces

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