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Stavanger, Norway

Nuart produces both temporary and long-term public artworks as well as facilitates dialogue and action between a global network of artists, academics, journalists and policy makers surrounding street art practice. Our core goal is to help redefine how we experience both contemporary and public art practice: to bring art out of museums, galleries and public institutions onto the city streets and to use emerging technologies to activate a sense of public agency in the shaping of our cities. Outside of Nuart Festival, our growing portfolio of projects represents an on-going art and education program that seeks to improve the conditions for, and skills to produce, new forms of public art both in Stavanger and further afield.
For us, public spaces outside conventional arts venues offer one of the richest, most diverse and rewarding contexts in which this can happen. Our work is guided by our belief in the capacity for the arts to positively change, enhance and inform the way we think about and interact with each other and the city.


Nuart Festival | ArteLaguna

Jad El Khoury
(Beirut, Lebanon)

Winner at 13th edition

Discover Jad’s experience >

Elham Eshraghian | Arte Laguna Prize

Elham Eshraghian
(Perth, Australia)

Vincitore 14^ edizione


  • Art residency
  • of 1 week dedicated to urban art.

  • The residency includes:
  • - accommodation
  • - studio space
  • - logistic support
  • - participation to Nuart Festival (5th-8th September 2019)
  • - grant of 200€.
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