NoName Studio | Zhujiajiao, Shanghai, China

Founded by two artists Carlo Maria Rossi and Penny Kwan, No Name Studio provides a complex of studio, residence, and gallery for member artists and collectors in ancient town Zhujiajiao, Shanghai. No Name has continued to attract art professionals and institutions from all over the world since its establishment. We are committed to stimulate creative energy and to enlighten conversations, while building No Name art community domestically and internationally.

No Name Artists Residency serves as a bridge between private collectors, commercial brands, urban constructions, and artists. “Outside City Creation, Inside City Exhibition” is the exclusive mode of No Name. The residency artists accomplish their creations in the scenic water town, meanwhile, we will also bring the artworks to meet with more audiences in every corner of the city such as galleries, art festivals, pop-up stores and various sorts of events, etc.


Eligible Applicants
We welcome artists from different backgrounds, and there is no restriction on art types. No.name Artist Residency is dedicated to creating an open and innovative art community in Zhujiajiao with creative people from all over the world. Our resident project welcomes any form of artistic creation.

Application Process
The project period ranges from 1 to 3 months (starting from the first day of each month)
We expect the resident artists to introduce their artistic creations at the beginning of the project, and show the research results in the form of an open talk at the beginning of the residency and an Open studio exhibition at the end of the project
Resident staff will help as the leader. But they cannot directly participate in research and creation. We hope that artists can create and live independently, physically and mentally,
The artist should take away all personal belongings, including artwork, unless otherwise arranged with the resident staff
We are happy to sponsor artists who can provide proposals to promote cultural exchanges in the community. We will bear the necessary costs to complete the project.



1. Personalized Studio Space: Each artist will receive a private studio space equipped with basic art supplies and tools, as well as access to shared facilities such as printers and scanners.

2. Artist Mentors: Experienced artists and curators will be available to guide and support each artist throughout their residency, providing constructive feedback and helping them to develop their artistic practice.

3. Cultural Immersion: Artists will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant art and cultural scene of Zhujiajiao water-town, attending exhibitions, workshops, and events.

4. Exhibitions and Events: Throughout the residency, artists will have the opportunity to participate in group exhibitions and events curated by the residency organizers.

5. Artist Talks: Each artist will give a public talk about their work and their experience at the residency, providing an opportunity to share their work with a wider audience.

6. Networking Opportunities: Artists will have the chance to meet and connect with other artists, curators, and art professionals, building valuable relationships and expanding their professional networks.

7. Final Exhibition: The residency will culminate in a final exhibition, showcasing the work created during the program and providing a platform for the artists to present their work to the public.

8. Marketing and Promotion: The residency organizers will promote the artists and their work through various channels, including social media, press releases, and online galleries and WeChat Mini-program Online sales.

9. Accommodation: The residency fee includes comfortable, private accommodation within the studio space. (250/300sqm)

10. Publication: The artist’s works will be featured in No Name’s catalog at the end of the year.


Yo-Wen Mao
(Taipei, Taiwan)
Winner of 18th edition


We have chosen Mao Yo-Wen for the NONAME STUDIO artist residency program in Shanghai based on the remarkable body of work demonstrated in his new media art and mixed media creations. His educational background, holding an M.F.A from the Graduate School of Fine Arts at the National Taiwan University of Arts, reflects a dedication to honing his artistic skills.


  • from 1 to 3 months in Zhujiajiao, Shanghai

  • the residency includes:
  • - Fee of €1000
  • - Accomodation
  • - Equipped studio
  • - Meetings/seminars/talks
  • - Final exhibition
  • - Promotion

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