MoCA Association | Treviso and Venice, Italy

The MoCA Association is the founding body of Arte Laguna Prize. Formed by a group of art lovers and connoisseurs, it has also welcomed over time many of the partners who have created the Special Prizes with it.

Founded in 2006, MoCA is the cultural association committed to the appreciation of all forms of art, with the goal of raising public awareness and bringing people closer to the world of art. MoCA’s mission extends to the promotion of contemporary art and the support of emerging artists through the creation of international cultural events and the building of a vast global network of opportunities, relationships and communication among artists, art enthusiasts and cultural professionals.

The residency offers for 15 days accommodation in the province of Treviso for 15 days and the chance to live the full Venetian experience.

Immersed in the vibrant cultural atmosphere where millennia-old history blends with contemporary creativity, here artists can find inspiration in the timeless works of art, the majestic canals of Venice and the fascinating architecture of Treviso. The residency allows artists to explore and interpret the essence of Italian art in all its beauty and complexity. A unique experience that will enrich the artistic journey with new perspectives and an unbreakable bond with Italian art.


Inès Abergel
(Marrakech, Marocco)
Winner of 18th edition


The Association was impressed by the artist’s multifacetedness. Her ability to act in different fields including photography, video, sculpture, and performance, was an added value to the significance and dedication, perceptible from her work. The artist puts herself at the forefront, using her body as an instrument of expression through movement. The Association is sure that Inès will be able to convey these values during her residency as well.

Julian Graeve
(Waiblingen, Germany)
Special Mention 18th edition


  • 15 days between Treviso and Venezia in Italy

  • the residency includes:
  • - Accomodation in private room
  • - Cultural visits

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