Azienda Mandranova | Palma di Montechiaro, Italy

Mandranova is a Sicilian farm owned by the Di Vincenzo family, which Giuseppe, Silvia and our son Gabriele, run with passion. On the hills of Palma di Montechiaro, in the province of Agrigento, not far from the coast and surrounded by scenic and cultural diversity, we produce fine olive oil and manage an almond grove. Our products are characterised by high quality and have received several international awards.

Mandranova is also a place to relax, consisting of 14 rooms/suites and a villa for four people. In our restaurant, reserved for our guests, we serve culinary specialities of Sicilian cuisine. The dishes bear the signature of Gabriel who is responsible for the gastronomic concept and interprets Sicilian gastronomic culture in a contemporary way. We attach great importance to cultivating the lifestyle, culture and values of Sicily and passing them on authentically to our guests.

Corporate responsibility is an important issue for us. The respectful treatment of people, animals and nature is an integral part of our activities, both as a farm and as a holiday resort. We invest in innovative and resource-saving production processes for our olive oil. The use of regional products with short delivery routes and the reduction of food waste are key criteria in our catering. In the maintenance and design of our gardens, we take the conservation and promotion of biodiversity into account.

As part of our social commitment, we introduced the Artist in Residence project in 2012. For a fortnight, we offer figurative artists hospitality at Mandranova and the opportunity to familiarise themselves with our philosophy, to participate in Sicilian culture and lifestyle, and to use it as inspiration for their work. Rachel Schilirò from Flowcube Communication in Zurich is responsible for the artistic direction of the program. The creative phase at Mandranova will conclude with an exhibition curated by her and accompanied by a publication. The creative phase at Mandranova will culminate in an exhibition, which will be accompanied by a publication. We are convinced that an artistic approach to the pressing issues of our time opens up a fascinating and surprising perspective. With this endeavour, we contribute to promoting a stimulating dialogue between art and society.

In 2024, the ‘Artist in Residence’ project will also include communicating the residencies through an artist-designed label for our extra virgin olive oil, which will appear in a limited edition.


Bin Liu
(Guangzhou, China)
Winner at 18h edition


The artist transforms the vision of a Dream World using a very youthful key, also given by the color palette used. This relationship with the end of life conveys a distressing message in an innovative way, taking advantage of good aesthetic research along with a thorough investigation of a past mythology. The new and fresh vision of such profound themes particularly impressed the gallery’s selection team.


  • Residency of 2 weeks in June/July 2025 that includes:
  • - Immersion in cultural environment
  • - Accomodation in private room and food
  • - Studio/Exhibition space of 150mq
  • - Introduction to business core, philosophy, olive oil and almond production
  • - Final exhibition of 2 weeks
  • - Additional exposure period of 1 month for artworks selected by the residency

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