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Majer | Arte Laguna Prize

MAJER was born in 1924 as a bakery in Piazzale Roma. In 2006 it was taken over by Fabrizio De Nardis who kept its original name. After 13 years of activity, Majer is present in the city with eight stores and a restaurant on the island of Giudecca. Every day many customers are served with artisanal products of the highest quality, Made in Venice.
The heart of our production is the oven where we cook fresh bread every morning.
Our passion for local traditions retraces a long and patient experience where we keep alive the way we make bread, as we once did. Using organic flours with natural leavening.
Together with the bakery the artisanal pastry shop of our production, which is produced in the laboratories also with the procedure and the ancient recipes of the pastry tradition handed down from 1924 to today. There are also Venetian specialties, known and appreciated all over the world. For example, artisan biscuits with an unmistakably unique flavor, prepared with shortcrust pastry, high quality fresh butter and natural aromas.
Coffee is also roasted and blended in its own Venetian roasting in the Ghetto, acquiring the best origins in the world of grains.
The Majer restaurant, on the Giudecca island, in a refined and innovative style, offers a cuisine of delicious dishes according to the season cooked on the grill Josper.
Future … In the coming months we will open a shop … and a second restaurant near the Scuola Grande di San Rocco.


Weixuan Zhang

Weixuan Zhang
(Guangxi, China)

Winner at 14th edition


  • Prize of 2,500€ for the winning work

  • Selection of one artist among the Under25 artists who submit at least one work in the painting category.
  • The winning work will remain the property of the company that will cover the transportation costs and exhibit it in one of its premises.

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