Maglificio Giordano’s | Cappella Maggiore (TV), Italy

Maglificio Giordano's | Arte Laguna Prize

Maglificio Giordano’s, founded in 1948, is an international reference point for the most important brands in the fashion scene worldwide.
The key to its success is the high quality of its products, the result of enormous care in the execution process, combined with the highest level of machinery and technological support. Before leaving the Maglificio, each garment goes through b20-25 different processes, making it possible to obtain an extraordinary product, ideal for demanding and international customers looking for the real Made in Italy, synonym of excellence. The production of Maglificio Giordano’s takes place in Italy, both to guarantee its quality, which has always distinguished it, and for a precise ethical reason. All the production stages, from the study of the surface to the modeling, to the delivery of the prototype and to the development of production and logistics, are shared with the customer in order to offer a highly personalized and extremely punctual service, like true luxury artisans.


Oscar Agudelo | Arte Laguna Prize

Oscar Agudelo
(Medellin, Colombia)

Winner at 13th edition


  • Prize of 2000 € for the winning proposal.

  • Participation requires the submission of works or art projects extended also to photography, video art, performance where the connection with the fashion world is predominant.There are no limits of size, technique or material. The winning work will remain the property of the artist.

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