IAAB | Basel, Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland

IAAB is an international exchange and studio program founded by Christoph Merian Stiftung in Basel (Switzerland) in 1986. It gives artists who come from the Basel region and southern Germany the opportunity to spend a number of months working abroad in one of the programs of the 13 partner countries. In return every year iaab hosts in his studios 15 artists from around the world.
The art residency in Basel lasts 3 months and includes accommodation, studio, curatorial assistance and final open day.


IAAB | ArteLaguna

Ilia Yefimovich
(Moscow, Russia)

Winner at 7th edition

IAAB | ArteLaguna

Candace Couse
(Toronto, Canada)

Winner at 6th edition

GloArt | ArteLaguna

Eryka Jura
(Katowice, Polonia)

Vincitore 11^ edizione