Huacui Contemporary Art Museum | Sanya, China

Huacui Art Contemporary Museum, China | Arte Laguna Prize

Huacui Contemporary Art Museum, located on the bank of the Suzhou River in the western district of Shanghai, has been open to the public through exhibitions, lectures, public education, research, publishing and other contents for a long time. With an international vision and professional team, it has continued to promote Chinese and foreign contemporary art and build a cultural exchange platform for the city.

The Huacui Contemporary Art Museum Artist Residency Project aims to cultivate, support, and fund the creativity of young artists. By providing studios to create a free, comfortable, and creative environment for artists, they can engage in various artistic creations and practices here. The studio has complete internal equipment, including areas for displaying works, storing works and materials, rest areas, and network communication equipment. The base helps young artists develop their artistic style and skills. This project provides valuable opportunities for young artists and promotes innovation and development in contemporary art. The project is located in the Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area, a 5A level scenic spot, adjacent to the coast of the South China Sea, above the Nanshan Mountain, facing the majestic 108 meter Guanyin statue on the sea. Built against the mountain, hidden in the rich and charming tropical rainforest, the air is fresh and the environment is tranquil. The Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area is a famous religious and longevity cultural scenic spot in China. Here, you can not only enjoy the natural beauty of mountains and seas, but also visit numerous Buddhist scenic spots and the world-renowned “Nanshan Guanyin”. You can experience the spiritual cleansing brought by Buddhist culture and the joy of returning to nature.


  • 1 to 3 months in Sanya

  • the residency includes:
  • - Accomodation
  • - Studio space where the artist can work
  • - Meals
  • - Participation to Meetings/Seminars/Talks to introduce the artist to Collectors, Art Critics, Press, Art students and other local artists
  • - Participation to exhibition with Huacui Contemporary Art Museum
  • - Fee for the realization of the works
  • - Materials

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