Generali Valore Cultura | Venice, Italy

Generali | Arte Laguna Prize


The encounter between art and people generates the most precious asset: emotions.

With Valore Cultura we are committed to protecting them. Art can suggest a vision of the future capable of stimulating deep reflections in individuals. Generali has always been linked to the city of Venice, the aquatic city par excellence, and has an important link with this vital element.

Generali Cultural Value is Generali Italia’s multi-year program to support art and culture by making them accessible to an ever wider public and enhancing the community and territories, with initiatives spread across all Italian regions.

We believe that art is a good for everyone, so we promote widespread and easily accessible cultural initiatives, to involve the widest number of people.

The goal is to promote the encounter between art and people and the emotions that are created, generating food for thought, awareness, and cognitive growth.


Generali Special Prize – selection methods

The artistic work that will best connect the elements of water, sustainability and vision towards the future will be chosen. Art as a valid starting point to protect emotions, suggest new visions of a sustainable future, of protection of the earth and its resources with the protection of an important resource such as water at the center. The artistic proposals, videos and photos will be selected, based on originality and communicative effectiveness. The winner assigns to the Company the rights of industrial property, intellectual property, and exploitation of image, without prejudice to the recognition of moral rights.


Pavel Kiselev | Arte Laguna Prize

Pavel Kiselev
(Moscow, Russia)

Winner at 14th edition

Akihiko Sugiura | Arte Laguna Prize

Akihiko Sugiura
(Hyogo, Japan)

Winner at 13th edition


  • Grant of 2.000 € for the winning artistic proposal

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