Galerie Charlot | Paris, France

Paris, France

Galerie Charlot was created by Valérie Hasson-Benillouche in 2010. The gallery’s main purpose is to promote different forms of contemporary art, particularly focusing on «New Media Art», and to build bridges with classical art forms. Emerging talents as well as internationally established artists are presented every year in eight exhibitions in the parisian space and in different international art fairs. The Galerie Charlot works with some european galleries to develop an international art network.
The Galerie Charlot presents 8 exhibitions per year: each exhibition presents paintings or drawings (Level 0) and digital works (Level -1) during the same period. The relationship between these different media takes place between ground floor and first floor in different ways: ipads, tv screens, wall projections. By night the gallery’s vitrine becomes a large digital screen, invading street with video art.


Charlot | ArteLaguna

Benjamin Grosser
(Chicago, USA)

Winner at 9th edition

Charlot | ArteLaguna

Inhye Lee
(Seoul, Korea)

Winner at 8th edition

Exhibiti320 | ArteLaguna

Mito Gegic
(Lubiana, Slovenia)

Vincitore 8^ edizione