Gaia Gallery | Istanbul, Turkey

Gaia Gallery | ArteLaguna

Istanbul, Turkey

Key sources of motivation for the Gaia Gallery, which was founded in October 2014 in one of the most unique buildings of İstiklal Avenue, the Elhamra Arcade:
– To create a novel and young art gallery culture that goes beyond the contemporary conditions.
– To create a strong art platform with the aim of presenting the addressed current issues through various vehicles, disciplines and topics.
– To discover young artists from all around the world and introduce them to Turkish art lovers; to open up global communication channels for the Turkish artists cooperating with the gallery and to provide them with effective visibility.
– To integrate the new gallery perception through activities such as panels, performances and workshops.
– To introduce the existing art collectors to new artists and platforms.
– To encourage young art collectors to buy art, and to serve as a driving force for them to create their own style.
– To serve as a creativity centre, where art and artists cooperate with other disciplines.
– To transform alternative components into exciting art projects, to execute projects that become widely talked about, and to effectively and actively guide young artists in this respect.


Gaia Gallery | ArteLaguna

Dario Agrimi
(Teramo, Italy)

Winner at 10th edition

Re.flex | ArteLaguna

Anna Bittersohl
(Norimberga, Germania)

Vincitore 8^ edizione

Fernando | ArteLaguna

Alicia Eggert
(New Jersey, Stati Uniti)

Vincitore 10^ edizione