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Energiapuntozero is Partner of the 18th edition of Arte Laguna Prize (2023/2024) with a Call for Artist to collect artistic proposals in order to raise public awareness on the topic of environmental sustainability. Energiapuntozero spreads energy to families and businesses with electricity and gas throughout Italy.

The Energiapuntozero Special Prize is established with a call open to artists, designers, students and enthusiasts, who will be able to nominate a Project or Art Work that enhances the company’s attention to environmental sustainability.

The Award is part of the communication and promotion strategies with a view to paradigms aimed at spreading the principles of environmental sustainability. Energiapuntozero becomes the promoter of a project to raise awareness of this theme, in the world of art at a national and international level, thanks to the diffusion of the name of the selected artist and the image of the Art Work or Project that the artist will create for the occasion.

The Prize will be awarded in March 2024 to the best Project / Work and will consist in a cash prize of €3000 (three thousand) net. The Winner will be proclaimed on stage at the Arsenale Nord in Venice on the evening of the Opening of the Exhibition directly by Energiapuntozero (2 March 2024).

In the case of a Project, this may be carried out by mutual agreement with the Artist in the most appropriate times and ways, agreed between the parties. Out-of-pocket costs, materials, personnel for installations, setups and transport are excluded from the amount of the prize for the artist mentioned above.


Mario Valdès vincitore del premio speciale Energiapuntozero


The artist has valued the territory and sustainability in a very sensitive, but at the same time innovative. He was able to transform the trees into themselves, giving them new life and new meaning. The concept of sustainable energy is akin to this type of intervention, promoting the transformation of natural elements into clean energy, therefore the Valdès project has conquered the company visually and emotionally.


  • Premio in denaro di 3.000 euro

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