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Biafarin Inc. is a Canadian Artist Management company with an 8-language online portal,offering 30+ art-related services to an international network of artists, art buyers and art businesses in 50+ countries.

Why Biafarin
Many visual artists around the world choose to launch/grow their art career through Biafarin easy-to-use services. Our powerful career management and online marketing tools, combined with a rapidly growing art business network,bring visibility and accessibility to artists. They can share and promote their art, get more fans, gain more exposure and sell their art.

Some of Biafarin services are: Dynamic Website and Public Profile, Art Opportunities Submission, Gallery Booking for Exhibition, Online Sales Distribution, Auctions Participation, Grants, Residency Booking, Art Business Representation, Critics and Crowd Review, Media Introduction and Coverage, Consultancy, Online Campaigns, Document Preparation(Bio, Statement, CV), Document Management and Translation.


Biafarin Opportunity Award
All the artists who send the application to the Arte Laguna Prize can join Biafarin for free to obtain international promotion.


Mina Bazari | ArteLagunaPrize
Alyson Carvahlo | ArteLagunaPrize
Lorenzo Papanti | ArteLagunaPrize
Florence Pirson-Ynden | ArteLagunaPrize
Simon Back | ArteLagunaPrize
Phyllis Wong | ArteLagunaPrize
Marcello Gobbi | ArteLagunaPrize
Esther Huser | Arte Laguna Prize

Esther Huser
(Weinfelden, Switzerland)

13th edition

Dirk Krull | Arte Laguna Prize

Dirk Krüll
(Düsseldorf, Germany)

Winner at 13th edition

Fabrizio Pozzoli | Arte Laguna Prize

Fabrizio Pozzoli
(Milan, Italy)

Winner at 13th edition

Daniela Bombelli | Arte Laguna Prize

Daniela Bombelli
(Rome, Italy)

12th edition

Newton Rocha | Arte Laguna Prize

Newton Rocha
(Recife, Brazil)

Winner at 12th edition

Dieneke Tiekstra | Arte Laguna Prize

Dieneke Tiekstra
(Haarlem, The Netherlands)

Winner at 12th edition

Oleksandra Voronina | Arte Laguna Prize

Oleksandra Voronina
(Kiev, Ukraine)

Winner at 12th edition

Ali Sabouki | Arte Laguna Prize

Ali Sabouki
(Shiraz, Iran)

Winner at 11th edition

Francesco Beretta | Arte Laguna Prize

Francesco Beretta
(Como, Italy)

Winner at 11th edition

Kalina Aleksandrova Danailova | Arte Laguna Prize

Kalina Aleksandrova Danailova
(Sofia, Bulgaria)

Winner at 11th edition

Silvia Manazza | Arte Laguna Prize

Silvia Manazza
(Rome, Italy)

Winner at 11th edition


Aron Belka (United States) / Annamarie Dzendrowskyj (United Kingdom) / Weronika Braun (Poland) / Yu Cai (China) / Maria Filimonova (Russia) / Pia Forsberg (Sweden) / Pavel Hafizov (Latvia) / Nevena Ivanovic Guagliumi (Serbia) / Yukino Iwatsuki (Japan) / Silvia Pagano (Italy) / Niloofar Vejdani (Iran) / Yi Shiang Yang (Taiwan) / Sergio Zapata (Colombia) / Averty Annabelle (France) / Patty Carroll (United States) / Teodelina Detry (Argentina) / Shoeb Faruquee (Bangladesh) / Ana Garrido Santos (Spain) / Pygmalion Karatzas (Greece) / Milos Nejezchleb (Czech Republic) / Maria Adele Pezzanesi (Italy) / Dalia Baassiri (Lebanon) / Darwin Fuentes (Ecuador) / Michal Gdak (Poland) / Mattina Christine (France) / Hana El Sagini (Egypt) / Farah Monfaradi (Bahrain) / Cristiano Petrucci (Italy) / Peter Van Driessche (Belgium) / Constanza Vergara Castillo (Chile)



Arreaza Juan (Colombia) / Belkina Katerina (Russia) / Bowen Guan (China) / Cholug Tomasz (Poland) / Collins Matthew James (United States) / Cuni Xheni (Albania) / Dalle Carbonare Matteo (Italy) / Del Vigo Ettore Aldo (Italy) / Ebrahimnezhad Saeedeh (Iran) / Irving Gary (United Kingdom) / (Ji Hyung Jung) (South Korea) / Jonsdottir Rosa Sigrun (Iceland) / Padovani Alice (Italy) / Pearl Harlen (United States) / Peter Riss (Germany) / Ressia Romina (Argentina)
Runa and Holly (New Zealand) / Savan Oguz (Turkey) / Serafini Damiano Miro (Italy) / Urbani Guendalina (Italy) / Varsi Genietta (Peru) / Yan Xiaojing (Canada) / Zankoul Lara (Lebanon) / Zita David (Hungary)



Akman Askin (Turkey) / Pappa Zoi (Greece) / Savenkova Viktoria (Belarus) / El Khoury Jad (Lebanon) / Poole RJ (Australia) / Chou Ching-Hui (Taiwan) / Tiekstra Dieneke (Netherlands) / Ambroziak Sylwester (Poland) / Demers Louis Philippe (Canada) / Obara Noriko (Japan)


  • Promotion of 7 artists with the following services of the Biafarin platform:
  • - artist’s public profile in Biafarin platform for one year
  • - artist’s website (dynamic, multi-lingual in artist chosen domain and free for first year)
  • - online sales: 5 to 10 artworks presented for sales in at least 10 online galleries
  • - online exhibition: 15 artworks, digital catalogue, press release and social media promotion
  • - artworks crowd review: 10-30 artworks’ review from art lovers
  • - on-line promotion: publication of articles and interviews on online magazine (for the winners of the Gold Package)