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About Awaji Art Circus and Pasona Group Inc.

Awaji Art Circus
Awaji Art Circus (AAC) is an international performing arts festival, which has held events annually since 2015. Centering its activities on Awaji Island, which is known as the “Birthplace of Japan”, AAC focuses on the promotion of arts and culture, specifically within the task of regional revitalization.

Each year, Awaji Art Circus gathers talented performers in a broad range of genres (circus, dance, and other performing arts) from around the world to perform in its originally written shows, which focus on themes related to Awaji Island. Artists have opportunity to collaborate with each other and local musicians and dancers, collaboratively create a unique show, as well as perform at local schools.

The aim of the Awaji Art Circus is to help revitalize Awaji Island, so participating artists come to Awaji not only to perform at different locations, but also to learn about and experience the local appeal and culture, and then spread the word about it. That’s why the organizers prepare various touristic and cultural programs for artists during the Festival.

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Pasona Group Inc.
Awaji Art Circus was started by Pasona Group Inc. in 2015 as a part of regional revitalization program of Awaji Island through art and culture. Pasona Group Inc. is a leader in Japanese employment and staffing solutions, which provides jobs, outsourcing, consulting etc. Since 2008, Pasona Group Inc. has been driving regional revitalization projects on Awaji Island, Japan. It has developed industries related to culture, arts, health, food, education to attract people. It aslo has created many employment opportunities on the island.

In 2016, Awaji Art Circus Executive Committee was established, which includes all key local government institutions on Awaji Island. Since then Executive Committee is an organizer of the Festival, and Pasona Group assists Awaji Art Circus in organization, providing some financial, staff and infrastructure support.

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Special Prize Details:
Participation in Awaji Art Circus 2025

We have several positions for creative artists of different disciplines

1.     Performer
2.     Stage show scenery designer
3.     Stage show costumes designer
4.     Video art creators (video art as a part of stage show design)
5.     Sound designer of a show
6.     Other artists, connected with show creation. If you want to be part of an international festival, held in Japan, and you have experience in different artistic spheres, connected with show production, please feel free to apply.


For position 1
We search for artists of all performing disciplines – circus acts, dance, acrobatics and other performing acts. Artist will stay on Awaji Island for the period September-October 2025 (around 1 month) and participate in all Festival programs together with other selected performing artists – theatre shows, school shows, collaborations and cultural program. The Festival provides working visa support, covers the expenses for transportation to Japan, accommodation, food etc. during the whole period, and also pays performance fee of around 300,000 JPY (2000 USD). *The exact fee and period dates will be decided at the beginning of 2025 and informed to selected artist.


For positions 2-6
All the details, including the period of the work and fees, will be discussed individually depending on the type of work. (Please note, the Organizer covers all necessary expenses and pays for creative artistic work).

The completion of the dedicated form available in the reserved area of each candidate is required.


Federico Cuatlacuatl
(Charlottsville, Stati Uniti)
Vincitore della 18° Edizione


  • Participation in Awaji Art Circus (AAC) 2025, international performing arts festival.
  • The participation is open to artists of different disciplines (performers, costume designers, scenery designers, video art creators and other professionals for the show production).


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