Arles Gallery | Arles, France

Arles Gallery | Arte Laguna Prize

Arles Gallery was founded in 2015 by Anne Eliayan, an Arles based artist. Later on, Chrisitan Pic joined her, and they started co-creating on different mediums. Photography, collage and visual work are not the only formats they use. Their artistic research led them to use sound, light and video to create a new atmosphere for each new exhibition. They turn ambiance into art. There are about 3 to 4 exhibitions throughout the year with international, national and regional artists.

They participate each year in Les rencontres d’Arles which is one of the biggest photography events in France. They work all year long with prestigious but also emerging artists to exchange their knowledge and passion. They also created a publishing house in 2017 where they issue their own books. So far, they’ve got novels, children’s and artist books but the selection will get bigger and bigger.


Cyryl Zakrzewski | ArteLagunaPrize

Cyryl Zakrzewski
(Poznan, Poland)
Winner at 15th edition