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Resana, Italy

Antrax was born 20 year ago in Resana, a town 40 km from Venice. It is specialized in the production of design objects for home and contract heating.
Since its debut in the market its mission has been to interpret a highly technical product, such as the radiator, in a completely new key that combines quality, aesthetics and innovation. The careful design of its products, developed in collaboration with internationally renowned designers and architects, has allowed to create what will be defined as thermo-furniture, an object that performs its function as a radiator but, at the same time, is a product of design. Antrax has been able to create radiators that complete the space in which they are installed as much as any other piece of furniture and that the customer chooses and customizes with the same care as a sofa or a bed.
The radiator that was previously hidden, now becomes an element that characterizes the living environment and plays a leading role with the help of new shapes and colors.
In this way Antrax has given life to a new way of conceiving heat.
The quality of a company, however, is not only measured by its successes in the market but also by the values it manages to convey; for this reason Antrax is involved in several projects that go beyond the mere production and industrial sphere.
The company has always felt a deep connection to its territory and tries to bring added value by creating places like the Design Park, a small space close to its Headquarter in Resana (TV) dedicated to the community and designed to create a pleasant and suggestive ‘green oasis’. A park where you can walk and spend moments of pleasant relaxation surrounded by nature and which sees the works of famous designers and architects as protagonists. A place that is the perfect synthesis between the enhancement of the territory, art and design.
The importance of preserving the territory emerges also from the products: all the production phases of the radiators are managed with very low environmental impact technologies and use 100% recyclable materials.
The attention to the environment and the territory, and the desire to enhance it, are aspects that the company has always had at heart, as much as the desire to help and support young designers and architects in their professional training and to stimulate their potential.
As a matter of fact, the new Antrax IT Exhibition Hall, a space of over 300 square meters born within its headquarters, was designed in collaboration with two students of the ABAV Design Working Team, Verona Academy of Fine Arts – Design School.
For Antrax IT, attention to young people entering the workforce, in particular that of design, is certainly an important topic, especially when it allows us to promote the value and quality of Made in Italy products.
As evidence of this interest, Antrax IT sponsored the Master Brand Ambassador, a program that aims to create professional figures able to promote the values of Made in Italy in the world.
All the projects undertaken by the company are certainly the mirror of a dynamic soul, which faces the world with an enterprising spirit able to grasp the positive aspects of a constantly evolving market. A fresh and creative DNA that never ceases to amaze, even through self-irony and the desire to get in the game.

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Evangelina Elizondo
(Buenos Aires, Argentina )

Vincitore alla 11^ edizione


  • Antrax IT supports the first edition of the design section dedicated to furniture or furnishing accessories that enrich the housing experience where the visual component is predominant.

  • You can win:
  • - 7.000 €
  • - 3 weeks exhibition at the Arsenale of Venice