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Doodle Arts

The magazine Frattura Scomposta was founded in December of 2004 (bimonthly) with the intention of bringing to light considered emerging artists quality, through a selection which is being implemented by the editorial board.
The name Frattura Scomposta stems from the fact of wanting to achieve a magazine out from the crowd and away from the "batter" that characterize, in large part, the Italian art movement. The editors considered it essential that all artists Italians emerging from any source, could have an instrument through which to make their voices heard. On the occasion of the 54th Biennale Visual Arts, Frattura Scomposta presented the exhibition "The Aliens alienating forms of contemporary" which fortunately had a large following of audience and made headlines when the trade magazines.
Frattura Scomposta currently has added to the magazine electronically in pdf format the same version but fit browsable and searchable online; a daily journal called "Frattura Scomposta Flipboard" that collects all of the information from the art world Network. Frattura Scomposta has become partner of the project "Google Cultural Institute" through which is digitizing and networking all the events that have view involved until now.

Elmadina Arts

ElMadina was founded in 2000 in Alexandria, Egypt. Through trainings, production, and management of cultural spaces, ElMadina has been working on promoting arts and culture and supporting artists and youth initiatives. ElMadina also seeks the creation of a culture market for artists in Alexandria as it is one of the main cultural centers in the Mediterranean. To achieve this, ElMadina works on transforming public spaces and marginalized areas to spaces where people can practice free expression, creating a cohesive social environment characterized by diversity and pluralism.

Doodle Arts

Doodle Arts is an independent creative culture magazine published quarterly by the Doodle Art Enthusiasts dedicated to doodle art, street art, and modern art movement. Its aim is anchored in inspiring, informing, and influencing its readers as to what it means to be a doodle artist in the modern culture. Doodle Arts is the world’s leading magazine for artists who believe that doodling is an effective means of overall creativity and individuality. The magazine connects its readers by highlighting the world’s aspiring and emerging creative talents, stories of cutting-edge art projects, insightful interviews from inspirational artists, and fresh features from the underground art scene. It also presents artists not as icons, but as human beings who also go through ordinary people experience.

Turkish Paitings
Turkish Paitings

www.turkishpaintings.com is a window to the world of Turkish art and artists. Founded in 2002 by A. Aydin Baykara, it is the most popular visual art website in Turkey.


Launched in 2010, randian 燃点 | randian-online.com is owned and run by its editors. We seek to promote independent cultural debate in China and to foster intellectual exchange between China and the rest of the world. This means independent commentary on art, artists, exhibitions and galleries, as well as video, architecture and design. Published in Chinese and English, we regularly update our readers on artists, events, exhibitions, film, news, opinion, performance, projects, publications and video. www.randian-online.com is owned by China Art Times Limited (Hong Kong).


Exibart was born in 2000 and immediately it became the unavoidable point of reference for art enthusiasts and experts. During 15 years it has made the web information's history of this field and has become an informative multichannel platform which spreads its contents through the web, mails, videos (Exibart.com/ Exibart.tv), the newspaper (Exibart.onpaper) and smartphones (Exibart.mobile) reaching a varied and large audience of about 300.000 people a month. It is the most efficient and the most widespread tool of information and in-depth analysis of art, architecture, design, fashion, teaching, cultural tourism… with a community of followers that over 10 years has become a cultural generator and a strand of public opinion.

Il Fotografo

Il Fotografo has made history in professional photography publishing. It keeps its finger firmly on the pulse of the target and expressly caters for the reader’s desires. It is the professional photographer’s magazine of choice, keeping a watchful eye on the latest trends and innovations. Il Fotografo is also full of everything its readers need to know about transforming their hobby into a successful vocation.

Juliet Art Magazine
JULIET art magazine

Juliet art magazine is an Italian art magazine founded in 1980, dedicated to contemporary art in all its expressions. Juliet Art Magazine is both a bimonthly print magazine directed by Roberto Vidali, and an online magazine with depth articles and interviews of high quality and interest. It also offers a section dedicated to events and contemporary art spaces. Juliet Art Magazine aims to be a reference point for a specialist audience, made up of professionals and experts in the field, and a tool of information to a wider audience. Juliet Art Magazine is on sale in the best Italian libraries and bookshops of major museums, as well as in selected distribution points and contemporary art galleries. You can find the annals of Juliet Art Magazine in some of the most prestigious Italian and foreign archives museums, including MoMA in New York and SFMOMA in San Francisco. Its pages have been signed by famous names such as Piero Gilardi and Luciano Marucci, poets and architects such as Enzo Minarelli and Elena Carlini. In its 35-year history Juliet Art Magazine has organized numerous exhibitions with Italian and foreign artists, which include major international names such as Luigi Ontani, Jan Knap, Piero Gilardi, Mark Kostabi, Claudio Massini, Maurizio Cattelan and Zivko Marušic.


Zoom magazine is the magazine dedicated to fine art photography since 1970 and the most internationally recognized in its field. 112 large format pages, with Italian and English articles realized in collaboration with photographers and authors, feature the best authors in the market of photography, both historical and contemporary, with a special focus on emerging artists. Each hard issue includes a collector print to collect (Ansel Adams, Helmut Newton, Steve McCurry and many others).

Tutti Fotografi

Tutti Fotografi is the most widespread magazine dedicated to photography in Italy. Its strong point is the high professional competence in the photography field of the editorial office, founded in 1894. The magazine, 130 pages, every month features articles regarding especially the major innovations in the field of cameras and MTF laboratory tests of camera bodies and lens.


Artere.qc.ca is a mine of information useful for emerging artists in Montreal. You will find funding opportunities, locations for artistic creation and diffusion, job and internship offers, call for artists, information on artistic education as well as guides on the artistic status, management, promotion... Everything at the same address!


Since its foundation in 1999, the ARCHIVE OF DIGITAL ART (former Database of Virtual Art) has grown to be the most important scholarly online archive for digital art. In cooperation with established media artists, researchers and institutions, it has been documenting the rapidly evolving world of digital art and its related fields for more than a decade and contains today a selection of thousands of artworks at the intersection of art, science and technology.


Photographers.it is dedicated to the world of Photography. It has been one of the first Italian web sites focused on this field, on line since the far 1999, and it is addressed not only to the photographers, but also to the sector's professional partners and passionates. The present release is a complete ugc platform which allows to upload photographic projects and virtual exhibitions, to publish news and articles, and it gives the opportunity to create a wide network of collaborations.

Sculpture Network

Sculpture network is Europe’s platform for contemporary sculpture, a non-profit organisation for the support, encouragement and promotion of contemporary sculpture. Adhering to its motto "stand up for sculpture!" it backs interdisciplinary dialogue and exchange among artists, culture organizations, professionals and friends of the arts, throughout Europe.

Islamic Arts Magazine

IslamicArtsMagazine.com is a modern online magazine devoted to Islamic art. By presenting Islamic art to specialists and the general public, the aim is to contribute to a better understanding of Islamic culture. The topics range from traditional to contemporary Islamic art and cover all media.
Encouraging creative expression and the creative industries is an endeavour that is beneficial not only for cultural, but also for social and economic development. It highlights the shared values of countries, peoples, and institutions.

AlHoush House of Arab Art and Design

Alhoush.com is the largest award-winning online initiative to promote artists and designers from conflict zones, primarily focused on the MENA region. With over five thousand items on display, alhoush’s principle aim is to empower artist and designers by showcasing their works (online and offline) and allowing the public to purchase them.

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