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Arte Laguna Prize is an international competition aimed at enhancing contemporary art. It features a selection for the participation to the collective exhibition in the prestigious spaces of the Arsenale of Venice.

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International Jury
Exhibition Arsenale Venice
4 Prizes from 10.000 euros
Many other Special Prizes



Painting: Katja Angeli (Denmark); Alfonso Beleño Contreras (Colombia); Flavio Biagi (Italy, San Pietro in Casale BO); Anna Bittersohl (Germany); Houssam Bokeili (Lebanon); Alessandro Calabrese Italy, Battipaglia SA; Ana Calzavara (Brazil); Anna Caruso (Italy, Milano); Andrea Casciu (Italy, Sanluri, CA); Francesco Casolari (Italy, Bologna); Sérgio Costa (Mozambique); Bianca De Gier (The Netherlands); Wenxing Ding (China); Elodie Lemerle, (France); Angela Geary (United Kingdom); Mito Gegic (Slovenia); Karl Grausgruber (Austria); Wei He (China); Gerhard Hotter (Germany); Tien-Yu Hung (Taiwan); Mark Jameson (United Kingdom); Serge Mironov (Russia); Prince Negatif (Poland); Artur Przebindowski (Poland); Giulia Raponi (Italy, Roma); Regina Helou (Brazil); Johanna Strobel (Germany); Ira Upin (USA); Han Wang (China); Laurence Wood (United Kingdom).

Photography: Andrea Alessio (Italy, Venezia) 1966; Judi Altman (USA); Catherine Balet (France); Aldo Berardi (Itay, Cosenza); Len Bernstein (USA); Jean-Claude Bise (Switzerland); Dina Bova (Russia); Victoria Campillo (Spain); Alberto Cob (Spain); Daniele Corsini (Italy, Bologna); Linda de' Nobili (Italy, Pavia); Mariangela Della Notte (Italy, Pistoia); Antonio Di Canito (Italy, Monza); Marie Valerie Habsburg-Lothringen (Austria); Hajime Kimura (Japan); Henning Kreitel (Germany); Gevis Lekiqi (Albania); Mafe Gracia (Perú); Marco Marassi (Italy, Roma); Darrell Marriott (UK); May San Alberto (Spain); Henriette Mørdrup (Denmark); Federico Naef (Switzerland); Nola Ka (France); Takako Okada (Japan); Simona Poncia (Italy, Viterbo); Petr Rakhmanov (Russia); Falmouth Rose Anna (USA); Gabriela Torres Ruiz (Mexico); Jan Van Breugel (The Netherlands).

Sculpture/Installation: Vera Angelico (Brazil); Antonio Lima (Brazil); Francesco Ardini (Italy, Padova); Artus (Hungary); Josef Baier (Austria); Javier Balmaseda (Cuba); Kurt Baumann (Switzerland); Jaroslaw Bogucki (Poland); Pedro Bustamante (Spain); Elaine Byrne (Ireland); Roberto Cambi (Italy, Cassano Magnago VA); Marco Cervigni (Italiy, Carpi); Guilherme Cunha (Brazil); Christoph Faulhaber (Germany); Federica Ferri (Italy, Treviglio, BG); Heribert Friedl (Austria); Viktor Fuček (Slovakia) 1977; Barbara Guttman (Croatia); Ivana Hejdukova (Czech Republic); Gongsan Kim (Korea); Andrej Koruza (Slovenia); Max Coppeta (Italy, Sarno); Ralph Nauta and Gordijn Lonneke (United Kingdom - The Netherlands); Adam Niklewicz (Poland); Koko Noguchi (Japan); Kinga Ogorek (Poland); Ojas Michele Azzaro (Italy, Milan); Gianluca Quaglia (Italy, Magenta MI); Gloria Yip (Hong Kong); Farniyaz Zaker (Iran)

Performance: Katharina Ernst (Austria); Anna Jochymek (Poland); Matteo Maffesanti e Tiziana Bolfe Briaschi (Italy, Isola della Scala VR); Graziano Meneghin (Italy, Sacile, PN); RichterMeyerMarx (Germany).

Video Art: Apiyo Amolo (Kenya); Barbara Ceriani Basilico e Alessandro Mancassola (Italy, Saronno VA – Chiampo VI); Anupong Charoenmitr (Thailand); Volkan Kiziltunç (Turkey); Phira Kulthanakan (Thailand); Tamar Hirschfeld (Israel); Shahar Marcus (Israel); Philippos Kappa Athens (Greece); Jessie Stead (USA); Maria Zervos (Greece).

Virtual Art: Alessio Chierico (Italy, Perugia); Constant Dullaart (The Netherland); Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion (France); Benjamin Grosser (United States); IOCOSE (Italy); Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos and Jean-Baptiste Michel (Greece France); Inhye Lee (Korea); Bing-Hua Tsai (Taiwan).

Special Selection Under 25: Kristi Beisecker (United States); Pietro Biondo (Italy, Solofra AV); Martina Bovo (Italy, Rome); Da Eun Chung (Republic of Korea); Song Chung (Republic of Korea); Marco Corridoni (Italy, San Severino Marche MC); Eracle Dartizio (Italy, Vaprio d’Adda); Kana Doi (Japan); Olì Bonzanigo (Italy, Milan); ); Elías Peña Salvador (Madrid, Spain); Stefano Rauzi (Italy, Lecco); Francesco Romeo (Italy, Fucecchio FI); Youri Visser-Bénazeraf (France); Katarzyna Woźniak (Poland)


Exhibition of the past edition


Jad El Khoury | Nuart Festival

ART RESIDENCIES PRIZEArtist: Jad El KhouryLocation: Stavanger, NorwayFestival: 5 – 8 September 2019 www.nuartfestival.no September 6th 2019 During the last edition of the Arte Laguna Prize, the Lebanese artist Jad El Khoury (Beirut...

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Clara Lotta Dittmer | Espronceda Residency

ART RESIDENCIES PRIZEArtist: Clara Lotta DittmerResidency location: Espronceda Center for Art & Culture, BarcelonaOpening: 27 August 2019 at 7 pmExhibition: 28 August - 6 September 2019Finissage: 4 September 2019 at...

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Jeff Leake | The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Residency

ART RESIDENCIES PRIZEArtist: Jeff LeakeResidency location: The Swatch Art Peace Hotel, ShanghaiExhibition location: Ying Gallery, BeijingOpening: 24 August 2019Exhibition: 24 August - 30 September 2019 www.swatch.com www.swatch-art-peace-hotel.com August 22nd 2019 The American artist Jeff...

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Tomoko Iki | Agriturismo Poggio alle Ville

www.poggioalleville.it June 14th 2019 Thanks to the partnership between Arte Laguna Prize and Agriturismo Poggio Alle Ville, the Japanese artist Tomoko Iki will get the chance to spend one week in the...

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Chiara Santoro | GLO'ART Residency

ARTIST IN RESIDENCEArtist: Chiara Santoro Location: GLO'Art, Lanaken, Belgium www.gloart.be May 31st 2019 At GLO’ART art center in Lanaken, Belgium, Chiara Santoro lives her first experience of art residency and finds inspiration to...

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Elio Ticca | Tessitura Bevilacqua

Elio Ticca May 2nd 2019 "Venice is still left for our beholding in the final period of her decline: a ghost upon the sands of the sea, so weak—so quiet,—so...

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Randalf Dilla | GLO'ART Residency

Randalf Dilla March 12th 2019 “My hyperrealistic paintings depict a wide range of themes, from personal experience to observation, with a sublte touch of elements of culture, history and political...

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Juli Bolaños-Durman | Basu Foundation for the Arts

ARTIST IN RESIDENCEArtist: Juli Bolaños-Durman Location: Basu Foundation for the Arts, Kolkata, IndiaOpening: 23rd February 2019 www.basufoundationforthearts.org I find myself favouring objects that act as storytellers and constitute experiences that are links to...

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This is the outcome when art and business work together

December 13th 2018 The Arte Laguna Prize pioneered in creating collaborations between the business and the art world, since 2007 it has created a special prize format called Business for Art...

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Made in Italy and creativity: effective collaborations that can make artists and companies grow

December 5th 2018 Every year Arte Laguna Prize offers a series of collaborations with Made in Italy companies with the aim of connecting creativity with craftsmanship. For the 13th edition, the opportunities...

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An art residency in beautiful Sicily: Ivan Juarez at Farm Cultural Park

Ivan Juarez June 29th 2018 A space and time to devote yourself completely to the creation of new artworks: this is what Arte Laguna Prize wants to offer with its program...

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Zita David's residency in Bodrum, Turkey

Zita David June 1st 2018 In 2017 Zita David (Budapest, Hungary) submitted her application to Arte Laguna Prize as well as her curriculum for the program of art residencies offered by...

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In Belgium with Eryka Jura and Kuo-Hsiang for the Glo'Art Residency

Eryka Jura Kou Hsiang November 15th 2017 Taking part in an art residency seems to be an experience that artists really appreciate! Maybe it's the possibility to focus only on their work...

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Inge van Heerde in Bodrum for The Art Department

8th November 2017 Inge van Heerde (Emmeloord, Netherlands) – winner of the Art Residencies program of the 11th edition of Arte Laguna Prize – young and blonde Dutch artist, has just...

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Opportunities for designers and artists 2017 Edition

9 November 2017 Every year Arte Laguna Prize offers a series of collaborations with companies meant to connect creativity with craftsmanship. For the 12th edition, artists and designers are...

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Art and Digital talk: art and his digital developement

In the last few years new tecnologies have become protagonists in contemporary art projects changing the classic idea of the creative action. Art changes its face throught...

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Double Art Residency for Fabio Tasso

Fabio Tasso It's not the first time that during the Arte Laguna Prize an artist gets selected by two different scientific commitees from the Special Prizes section and, in this...

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Sanja Milenkovic in Barcelona for Espronceda Art Residency

Sanja Milenkovic From 5th to 19th September 2017 Espronceda Center for Art and Culture in Barcelona, in occasion of Art Nou, houses Sanja Milenkovic (Niš, Serbia) final exhibition, a precious completion...

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Impressions from the Basu Foundation for the Arts by Katarzyna Tomaszewska

Katarzyna Tomaszewska The Polish artist Katarzyna Tomaszewska, finalist of the 10th edition of the Arte Laguna Prize and winner of the Basu Foundation for the Arts residency (Kolkata, India), tells us...

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Italian artist flies from Venice to Shanghai for The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Residency

Silvia Manazza As the winner of the prize "Artist in Residence" at The Swatch Art Peace Hotel (Shanghai, China) during the 15.16 edition of the Arte Laguna Prize, the Roman artist...

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A Residency dedicated to bronze: when art meets tradition

Paul Funcken The extraordinary artwork made by Dutch artist Paul Funcken has come to life in the Residency at Artistic Foundry Salvadori Arte (Pistoia, Tuscany) from 7 to 23 June 2017...

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Italy-China exchange: our partnership with Art Nova 100

Also this year, on display at the Arsenale of Venice there will be a young artist from Art Nova 100, a platform for the promotion of Chinese artists, with which...

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The dialogue between Open and Arte Laguna Prize

The fertile dialogue between OPEN and the Arte Laguna Prize generates liveliness outside walls and museum perimeters. Also this year, on display at the Venice Arsenale, OPEN presents one artist selected...

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Opportunities for designers and artists 2016 Edition

9 November 2016 Collaborations with Made in Italy companies and cash Prizes 4 companies are looking for creativity and calling to Artists and Designers for 4 product specific projects...

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Young Ambassador is in the lagoon city for the glass art residency

Almost for fun, a few weeks ago I sent my candidacy as Ambassador with the aim to document Constantine Zlatev's experience at Abate Zanetti School of Glass and when...

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The artist Constantine Zlatev tells the emotions of working with the Glassmasters in Murano

In residence from 2nd to 24th November at Glass School Abate Zanetti of Murano,the artist Constantine Zlatev tells us, in an exciting interview, the meaning of being the winner of...

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A remarkable event narrated by our first Young Ambassador

On 5th, 6th, 7th October the 2015 Edition of Art Nova 100 opens its doors at the Agriculture Exhibition Center of Beijing,30.000 visitators in only three days.The centre hosts 320...

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The success of the artist Kurt Hoerbst

Venetian_Scans a project started in 2011 and now it achieved international success, the American magazine Smithsonian Journeys writes about it in the issue coming out these days. It is a...

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Interview with Sabine Delafon

Sabine Delafon won a residency at the Glass School Abate Zanetti in 2011. In the video she tells this incredible experience in contact with the master glassmakers from Murano. The...

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Interview with Enrico Bettinello

Enrico Bettinello, the director of Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, tells us the selection of the works: their quality, their value and their techniques have been improving year after year, making it...

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Interview with Mario Gerosa

Mario Gerosa, the senior editor of AD Magazine, explains to young artists which are the paths to follow in order not to be caught in the web of the tough...

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Interview with Gabriella Belli

Gabriella Belli, the former director of the Mart in Rovereto and since 2013 at the head of the Civic Museums of Venice, explains the importance of participation in the Arte...

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Let's listen to some jurors, what they told about us and some suggestions for the artists

On the occasion of the tenth edition of the Arte Laguna Prize, we have decided to collect the testimonies of those who, over time, have been part – as jurors...

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Arte Laguna Prize’s ambassadors promote the activities of the competition in different countries of the world. They collaborate as art lovers, sensitive and attentive to cultural exchanges, to the dissemination...

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Become Assistant

A backstage experience could be very interesting, do you want to live it with us?From March 18th to April 30th, 2019 we will be at the Arsenale of Venice for...

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Art Talk

During the finalists exhibitions at the Arsenale of Venice, there is room for dialogue and for debate about art. The Arte Laguna Prize has organized the Art Talks, and invited...

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Educational Activities

In 2015 the Arte Laguna Prize has launched a new activity, this time dedicated to children and kids: two educational workshops for children from the Elementary School. For the first...

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