When is the Special Prizes deadline?

The deadline is at midnight (Italian time) of December 20, 2023.

For new artists: How to apply to Special Prizes?

  1. Create your profile >
  2. Click on “Apply Only for Special Prizes >” red button
  3. Fill the form with your datas, press Next, SKIP THE ARTWORK SECTION
  4. Fill with the remaining datas and click Next to land on the Payment page.
  5. Pay the fee
  6. Go to “Arte Laguna Prize 23.24” menu
  7. Click on “HERE” button under the section Special Prizes and apply

Do I have to pay other fees if I win?

No, you won’t have to pay other fees.

Can I still participate in Arte Laguna Prize contest?

No, application for the contest are officially closed. You can check your personal page and apply to the Special Prizes or create your profile and discover the opportunities.


Is it possible to apply as a group of artists?

Yes, it is possible to apply as a group of artists. The important thing is to insert in the application form the personal details of one person (the group’s representative) and then in the “Alias” field or in the space dedicated to the biography it is possible to specify the group’s name and the names of the other members.


Must works be new? May they have also been submitted to other competitions?

No, it is not necessary for works to be new, and they may have already been submitted to other contests or other exhibitions. The submitted works may also have been exhibited in other contexts (or they may still be at the moment of the enrollment), the important thing is that they are available for the Special Prize’s conditions.


What materials should be prepared for applying?

– your profile in artelaguna.world
– PDF for each Special Prize in which you’re interested, describing the project or artwork

 Step #1   Create your account on Arte Laguna World
 Step #2   Login
 Step #3   Insert your personal data
 Step #4   Pay the entry fee
 Step #5   Upload your projects

If I apply can I change my data later?

Yes, you can change your data, modify or add your works, by entering your profile, until the application deadline.


For artists already applied to Arte Laguna Prize 23.24: How to apply to Special Prizes?

  1. Login >
  2. Click on “Arte Laguna Prize 23.24” on the top black menu
  3. On the Special Prizes section (on the right column), click “HERE” to open the form
  4. Flag the Special Prizes of your preference and upload the required documents

If I have applied to the contest, can I apply to the Special Prizes?

Yes, you can do it without paying further fees. The procedure it’s the same as indicated previously.