Digital Graphics and Cartoon


born in Moscow, Russia 1990 | lives in Moscow, Russia

Alexandra Alexeeva | Arte Laguna Prize


Printed work

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Lockdown, pandemic, Covid. These are the words that have marked the last year and a half. All closed inside our homes, we have discovered and rediscovered old and new passions. Alexeeva Alexandra, however, was able to transform her hobby into artwork, taking advantage of the situation of forced confinement. She was able to immortalize moments of her daily life, and transform them into playful, amusing images, which at the same time make us reflect on what we have been through and what we are still experiencing today. With simple cartoons she makes us retrace her thoughts on how sharing and helping each other were at the basis of this difficult period, how we realized the importance of affections and family, how we learned to appreciate nature and the freedom to go out without limitations.

We all got involved. We have called on all our strength to be able to resist and not be overwhelmed by discouragement in the most difficult moments. We have tried to grow through adversity, with the hope of leaving behind this hard time.

Testo realizzato dalla studentessa Giulia Saiani, Accademia di Belle Arti Santa Giulia di Brescia


born in Anyang, Korea 1985 | lives in Los Angeles, United States

Hyun Kyung Cho | Arte Laguna Prize

LIBERTAD 02, 2019


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Hong Kong 2019


born in Venice, Italy 1993 | lives in London, United Kingdom

Colorchiara | Arte Laguna Prize


Graphics digital

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Visual metaphors are, especially nowadays, a strong communication tool. Colorchiara, in the Opportuniland series, addresses important social issues and scandals, dealing with contemporary philosophical issues through the simplicity and reduction of graphic design. The posters depict typical topics of our society, such as love, pollution and opportunities. Different colors and simple and essential lines do justice/ bring out eloquent and difficult to deal with themes, clarifying how often simplicity is the most accessible and understandable means for everyone. The artist irreverently represents the face of Donald Trump in the typical forms of an egg crossed by a crack, ironically describing a not inconsiderable figure of today. The difficulties of dialogue between lovers, the “Love” discrepancies, are summarized in two quotation marks inside which we can observe the profiles of two people. Therefore, every single manifesto of Opportuniland presents, in an irreverent way, a theme dear to Colorchiara: we find, for example, the ecological problems linked to the waste of water and the use of oil.
In a language now understood by all of us, the artist manages to tackle seemingly insurmountable themes, making digital graphics a useful vocabulary for understanding many difficult and complicated topics.

Testo realizzato dalla studentessa Natalie Zangari, Accademia di Belle Arti Santa Giulia di Brescia


born in Bangkok, Thailand 1997 | lives in Los Angeles, United States

Duairak Padungvichean | Arte Laguna Prize



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Indomitable thoughts, difficult to manage; overlapping each other they become insurmountable, an uninterrupted flow that, pirouetting above the head, creates an infinite vortex, an emotional dance capable of interrupting the normal transition phase between wakefulness and sleep. When, alone, in bed, we find ourselves subjugated by the exhausting weight of the reflections that grip our mind, the heaviness of everyday life takes over, engulfing us in a dimension that leaves no room. Duairak Padungvichean working with different types of media, from traditional, to digital one and 3D, represents, through an animated gif, a condition that afflicts most people. A combination of stress and insomnia, highlighted through a simple, childish illustration, made such by the school of goldfish floating in a confined space. The protagonist is a girl lying in the bed of her room, physically present, mentally absent, lost in the emptiness of the night, aware of being suspended in an undetectable limbo.

Testo realizzato dalla studentessa Alessia Pietropinto, Accademia di Belle Arti Santa Giulia di Brescia


born in Ramat Hasharon, Israel 1981 | lives in Tel Aviv, Israel

Matan Parnass | Arte Laguna Prize

CROWN, 2019

Collage and digital painting

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I work with the traditional method of collage – merging images from different sources to create a new image. The combinations I make through collage are mainly between photo fragments, in this sense my use of collage can be attributed to the photomontage category. I begin from a spark of a general idea I have in mind and start looking for references related to it. I see it as a kind of jigsaw puzzle, but unlike the assembly of a regular jigsaw puzzle – the combinations and possibilities here are endless. In fact, as soon as the assembly work begins – the work takes on a dynamic of its own and I never know exactly what the end result will look like. After building some chassis, a drawing process begins in which I add color, style and shapes in order to unite all the different components and create a compelling image that works as one unit. I love the combination of photography as a media with realistic quality, and on the other hand, the painting that enables me formal and colorful freedom.


born in Simbach am Inn, Germany 1964 | lives in Obing, Germany

Greta Schnall | Arte Laguna Prize


Canvas,acrylic glass

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Precision, abstraction, fantasy, graphics and surrealism are the keywords to describe the White City work. The German artist Greta Schnall shows and demonstrates how a simple modern architecture of a building, or a facade of a building, can become something impressive and amazing thanks to digital graphics and image editing. The photos are modified in a fantastic and unlikely way, creating imaginary universes in which the perspective is glimpsed, but not seen. Windows, lines, shadows, white, black, gray, horizontal, vertical, oblique, surface, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, wall and roller shutters. A non-existent and unreal world in which we invent, experiment, grow, take risks, break the rules, make mistakes, have fun, a world where everything is connected and nothing is connected. Imagination opens infinite doors.

Testo realizzato dalla studentessa Sulbie Osmani, Accademia di Belle Arti Santa Giulia di Brescia


born in Rome, Italy 1964 | lives in Rome, Italy

Stefania Trifoli | Arte Laguna Prize


Digital,printed on cotton paper

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It comes from research on ‘Buildings’ and on the graphic stratification of cities. Shapes and superimpositions, cells and portions, geometries and research of lines are transformed into graphic play, texture and matter. The street lamp, as the only realistic element to give back and define a context. A manipulation of the image, from a photographic basis, in search of visual and chromatic alterations. It is part of a larger series, made in 2016.


born in Shaoshan City, China 1971 | lives in Brooklyn, United States

Yoyo Xiao | Arte Laguna Prize

NO TITLE, 2020


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To create these works, the artist starts from a fixed, unique and static photograph, from which mutations and rearrangements arise from sequences of continuous and unstable calculations. The discontinuity, the imbalance and the feeling of chaos that are perceived by observing these photographic distortions are strong, almost upsetting, like turning on oneself over and over again.
The sensory and emotional stimulation of the viewer is the main goal of the artist, who wants to generate disordered inclusiveness with his art, who wants to create emotionality.

Testo realizzato dalla studentessa Mariavittoria Crescini, Accademia di Belle Arti Santa Giulia di Brescia


born in Changde, China 1982 | lives in London, United Kingdom

Yuqiao Zheng | Arte Laguna Prize

‘I’ SEARCHER, 2020

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An indefinite background, an ambiguous landscape, a seated girl, lost in her thoughts. The resigned gaze of the protagonist expresses and communicates to the viewer the profound discomfort that emerges when one becomes aware that life’s decision-making choices, constantly influenced by the opinions of others, do not find any correspondence with one’s goals. ‘I’ Searcher is a digital work inspired by personal experiences actually lived by Yuqiao Zheng, an artist who, for a long time, lived in the uncertainty of his own self. His art, influenced by both Eastern and Western traditions, is an emotional art, full of meanings hidden by the indistinct shades of colors which, mixing on a retinal level, give completeness and visual uniformity to the work itself. His vision makes manifest the need to be able to separate external advice from one’s aspirations and ambitions; to be aware of one’s abilities, peculiarities and inclinations, to be able to squint and, for a brief but intense moment, to let the most intimate and sever desires flow, revealing oneself for what one is.

Testo realizzato dalla studentessa Alessia Pietropinto, Accademia di Belle Arti Santa Giulia di Brescia


born in Realeza, Brazil 1991 | lives in São Paulo, Brazil

Josè Fernandes | Arte Laguna Prize



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An experiment with the World Cup 2018 game stats to generate a unique abstract pattern for each match. In a balance between data visualization and art, the artwork lays on a middle point: provoke you to sense the data. Build a perception and tell a history about each game with shapes, colors, and rhythm instead of cold numbers.