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47 Anno Domini | Treviso, Italy

47 Anno Domini


Prize of 2000 € for the winning project.

Participation requires the presentation of site specific installations or projects, indoor or outdoor, designed for the enhancement of the spaces of 47 Anno Domini (see photo www.47annodomini.it/le-sale). There are no limits of size, technique or material. The theme is free, but the project must be inspired by the conceptual approach of the company that associates wine production and the quality of the products with ideas of beauty, design, relaxation. The company will then decide whether to support the production of the project, for this reason the artist, during the application stage, must also indicate the production costs.

Info >

Treviso, Italy

47 Anno Domini is an authentic Wine Creative Lab on the Treviso Mare road. The company name is a reference to the completion date of the ancient Roman road along which the 30 hectares of vineyards wind and whose grapes create the flagship wines of the group. The company was founded on fertile soil, clayey and rich in minerals: it is a difficult soil to cultivate, but one that contributes much to the sweetness and intensity of the flavours of the grapes, made unique by the Libeccio wind that gives the area a unique microclimate.
Precisely on this land, capable of offering important, refined wines with unmistakable elegance and consistency, 47 Anno Domini was built; an expression of love for the land and good wine that has always been part of the Tombacco family. Surrounded by chiselled rows of vineyards, 47 Anno Domini is an expression of the Wine by Design philosophy: every element of the company gives voice to an innovative conceptual approach, which combines wine production and product quality with ideas of beauty, design, relaxation.
Not just production, but also design. 47 Anno Domini is a company with an unusual identity: wood, glass and steel intersect in diagonal lines and form dynamic contrasts with the open brickwork. The play of the light and geometrics render the interior spaces unique and make the Wine Creative Lab the ideal space to enjoy 360 ° tasting experiences. Not forgetting the fundamental role of Open Vineyards, a window with breathtaking views of the vineyards and the steel barrels, the true protagonists from which the wine comes to life.


Apply to Arte Laguna Prize and participate in the 47 Anno Domini special prize for free >

Step #1   Apply to Arte Laguna Prize. Form on line>
Step #2   Check your inbox, you will receive an email with instructions about 47 Anno Domini.
Step #3   Fill in the entry form dedicated.
Apply only to the 47 Anno Domini special prize at a cost of 65 € + 22% VAT (79,30 €) >

Step #1   Apply to 47 Anno Domini. Form on line >
Step #2   Pay the application fee to 47 Anno Domini.
Step #3   Check your inbox, you will receive an email with the confirmation.

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