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Zita David's residency in Bodrum, Turkey

Zita DavidZita David

June 1st 2018

In 2017 Zita David (Budapest, Hungary) submitted her application to Arte Laguna Prize as well as her curriculum for the program of art residencies offered by the 12th edition of the competition.

That day became for her a springboard towards new opportunities that helped her enrich her career and her artistic experiences. Her artworks were selected not only by the awarding jury who chose her to be part of the 115 finalists on display in the prestigious spaces of the Arsenale of Venice, but also by The Art Department where Zita had the chance to experience a one-month art residency.

The Art Department (Bodrum, Turkey) is a non-profit organization that has been working with Arte Laguna Prize since 2016. Zita David's residency took place from April 30th to June 4th 2018 in Torba at Casa dell'Arte, an art hotel surrounded by a calm and stimulating natural environment that hosts international artists during the off-season. During the residency The Art Department organizes several activities including a cultural tour to the most important monuments and museums and the participation in the events taking place in the city at that time.

“The cultural experiences and the landscape of the place have been the main source of inspiration for my works”, says Zita who, during the residency, carried out a project on the theme of home, memory and their relationship with time and space. The works she created deal with the death of a person and how it changes the perception of the things that surround us. In the paintings on paper that Zita created in Bodrum emerges the contrast between what is hidden and what is unveiled.

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