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Tomoko Iki | Agriturismo Poggio alle Ville


June 14th 2019

Thanks to the partnership between Arte Laguna Prize and Agriturismo Poggio Alle Ville, the Japanese artist Tomoko Iki will get the chance to spend one week in the complex of farmhouses in Mugello, Tuscany, that offers a breathtaking view over the green hills of this beautiful region. The winner of this competition has been decided on the basis of how good she was at reflecting the connection between art and nature, between natural and imagined paradise. Through her photographic work named “Dance”, artist Tomoko Iki managed to perfectly describe this harmony, making the foliage of the trees moved by the wind the central focus of her work. The artist will have the opportunity to immerse herself in a peaceful and silent place in order to find in the nature a new inspiration and to also leave a sign of her passage in the Agriturismo, which is more than happy to welcome artists from all around the world and promote and collect their artistic heritage.

Tomoko IkiTomoko Iki

Tomoko Iki (1984) is a Japanese photographer based in New York. She was taken with the desire to do photography and dance at the same time in her life. For her, these are two sides of the same creative force, and they mutually inform one another. Her dance influences her photography. Through dance she explores her own spirit. It is a meditation and ritual in which she offers herself to nature. Dance has revealed to her a deep sense of her own femininity as well as the ancient human desire to connect with the divine. With her photographs, she tries to convey this universal desire and how movement through dance moves us forward toward truth.