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Randalf Dilla | GLO'ART Residency

Randalf DillaRandalf Dilla

March 12th 2019

“My hyperrealistic paintings depict a wide range of themes, from personal experience to observation, with a sublte touch of elements of culture, history and political issue”.

Randalf Dilla (Philippines, 1986), winner of the Art Residencies program of the 12th Edition of Arte Laguna Prize, is completing these days his one-month residency at GLO’ART (Lanaken, Belgium). Immersed in this inspirational context, the artist had the opportunity to reflect on the use of the new media in arts and started a new powerful series of paintings.

The Glo’Art residency has been a chance for Randalf to enhance his research-based approach and enrich his technical skills, combing self-reflection with a more practical insight into the artistic careers nowadays: “This is a chance for me to connect and learn more from other artists and to understand how they live and sustain their art careers. Also, this is also a good moment for me to experiment and explore other media”.

During his prolific weeks at GLO’ART center, the artist focused himself on developing a new direction in his body of works: "Here in Glo’Art, the place is conducive for creating art. I can say, it is a combination of studio and art gallery which allows us to see the artworks of the previous artists in residence, both indoor and outside. They have separate studios for sculpture, photography and painting. This art residency provides everything we need so we can invest our energies in the creative process". It is in this spirit that Randalf started to work on a brand new series of paintings. In one of his oil canvases, entitled “Catastrophic Wind”, the artist sublimates – through strong allegories – both the individual and the collective consequences of the typhoons that regularly hit his native country: "Philippines is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world. Each year we have around 20 typhoons and hundreds or sometimes thousand casualties. In the painting I am currently working on, I show the difficulty to survive to a strong typhoon, especially for the poorest area that usually are more affected. People embrace their families or anything to survive to the strong winds and flash floods. The tears in the jeans symbolize the poor ones, and the sparrow – which is a typical bird in Philippines – symbolizes my country".

Randalf Dilla’s art residency at GLO’ART ends on March 13th, concluding a fruitful month of continuous flow of creativity and fertile introspection.

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