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Juli Bolaños-Durman | Basu Foundation for the Arts


Artist: Juli Bolaños-Durman
Location: Basu Foundation for the Arts, Kolkata, India

Opening: 23rd February 2019


I find myself favouring objects that act as storytellers and constitute experiences that are links to emotional connections.

During the 12th edition of Arte Laguna Prize, the Costa Rican artist Juli Bolaños-Durman has been selected as the winner of the art residency offered by Basu Foundation for the Arts, in Kolkata, India. On this occasion, Juli had the chance to enhance her interdisciplinary artistic practice by finding inspiration in new emotional and professional connections..

The eclectic cultural program of the Basu Foundation Residency allowed her to develop new directions in her artistic process by working with local materials and by creating an exciting profusion of new insights. Juli added a poetic layer of significance to the glass objects she found in Kolkata and created a fresh visual narrative by bringing together both her ludic, yet profound, vision and the spirit of the place.

Her versatile experience at Basu Foundation can be easily linked to the core of her artistic statement: I want to create raw pieces that are put together sensibly through the joyfulness of play and explore the different materials and ideas to provoke the boundaries of what is art and its meaning. The residency in Kolkata has been for Juli Bolaños-Durman an enormous chance to learn, discover and enrich her arts-related background. Some of her artworks are to be shown at the Basu Foundation Gallery starting February 23rd 2019.

Ivan JuarezJuli Bolaños-Durman

Juli Bolaños-Durman is an emerging Costa Rican Artist & Designer based in Scotland with a background in Graphic Design, mixed-media and recent immersion into the glass material. Winner of Jerwood Makers Open 2017, the ELLE DECORATION British Design Awards 2015- ECO DESIGN Category, Awarded Exceptional Talent Visa (Promise) endorsed by the Arts Council UK and the Inches Carr Scottish Craft Award 2017. Her work is included in the collection of Museum of Contemporary Design Applied Arts (MUDAC) Collection. Lausanne, CH., Chancellor’s Fellowship Award Commission & the Royal Edinburgh Hospital Commission 2017, UK.