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A Residency dedicated to bronze: when art meets tradition

Paul FunckenPaul Funcken

The extraordinary artwork made by Dutch artist Paul Funcken has come to life in the Residency at Artistic Foundry Salvadori Arte (Pistoia, Tuscany) from 7 to 23 June 2017. Funcken's creative work and Salvadori Arte's metallurgical tradition have merged to create an artistic parternship supported by the Arte Laguna Prize. The artist himself tells us what it meant to collaborate with Salvadori Arte and how this collaboration contributed to his artistic develpment:

For me it was a big surprise finding out I was the winner: I asked myself why they chose me. There were so many outstanding shortlisted artists and it's me who got selected. At the opening ceremony I saw so many great artworks that it felt amazing to be among the finalists. I felt very proud, it is a good step forward in my career. When I arrived at the Foundry I started working right away. I immediately felt at home, inside a big foundry with a great baggage of experience. Although it wasn't the first time I had worked with bronze, I learned a lot there. People were very helpful and ready to share their expertise. I will continue my relationship with the Foundry in the future.

Artistic Foundry Salvadori Arte, the last heir of Pistoia’s metallurgical tradition and a strong supporter of the ancient technique of "cire perdue", has collaborated with artists such as Fernando Botero, Roberto Barni, Alexander Kosolapov, assisting them in all the stages of the sculpturing process for creating works of art. Paul Funcken highlights how his own idea of art chimes with the Foundry's techniques:

My project for Artistic Foundry Salvadori Arte is based on the principle of making art such as nature does. That means preserving the touch of the artist as much as possible without smoothing it. I think seeing more of the making process, be it the touch of artist or the casting process, consitutes added value for the artwork.

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