Dampeyroux Manuel


Manuel Dampeyroux | Arte Laguna Prize Manuel Dampeyroux
Montes Claros, Brazil 1991

White Nights

Art selection: Painting

Dimensions: 130 x 81 cm

Year: 2021

Materials: Oil on canvas

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This painting is an interior scene where we can see a woman dressed in gray, sitting on a chair in an abandoned setting. Around it we see origami in the shape of a panther (felines). This insomnia-stricken woman finds a way to take care of herself by folding. By doing this, she will reveal without realizing a trait of her personality, In this interior tinged with grey and blue, time is frozen and the silence presented in this piece translates the character’s physic life. The light of dawn radiates the room to create a feeling of disturbing strangeness.