HEYDT | Arte Laguna PrizeHoward
Taipei, Taiwan 1989


Art section: Video Art

Dimensions: Variables

Year: 2020

Materials: Video, projector, found objects

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Historically speaking, storefront overhangs in Taiwan were created due to the island’s warm and rainy climate. After the related policies implemented during the Qing regime and the regulations in the period of Japanese rule, storefront overhangs have become a characteristic architectural sight in Taiwan, not only providing pedestrians a sheltering space from wind and rain but also serving as an extension of stores— they are, in short, a unique interface between the public and private spaces. “Wanderland” is based on the storefront overhangs in Wanhua District. In this historical zone of Taipei that has witnessed as much glory of the city as its decline, the storefront overhangs form a corridor that has preserved traces of time and a common site where vendors, passersby, residents, homeless people, tea parlors and street delis intermix, carrying memories and feelings of people who have spent years living and lingering in this space, one that is like home but not quite. The work uses 3D scanning to record people’s daily life in the storefront overhangs that seems coagulated yet constant moving. The gathered point cloud data resemble gradually accumulated crystallization of time, and in the dynamic flow of time, it has continuously converged and dispersed again. When the trajectory of people’s life merges with the river of time, every moment in their life has joined together and become an ever-extending continuation.