Brodsky Alexander


Alexander Brodsky | Arte Laguna PrizeAlexander Brodsky
Moscow, Russia 1955

Veretyevo Park

Art section: Land Art

Year: 2021

Materials: Wood, recycled materials

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Veretyevo Park is a combination of more than 30 architectural, found and natural objects located on 7 ha area in a swampy forest area, near Taldom town in Moscow region. Perfectly integrated into local environment, existing at the interface between natural and man-made spheres, park is a reflection on passage of time, the change of seasons, the transformations of material objects and the local memory. Park’s space is filled with meanings. Park in the world culture is a sacral model of ideal world and children’s playground as well as the space for reveling in the beauty of nature, meditation and intellectual exercises. Veretyevo Park reflects all these roles. Such Veretyevo park’s objects as Observatory, Pantheon, and Library are the evidences of park’s cultural function. At the same time, they are not a real temple or place for an astronomic researches, but their imitations look like teenagers had made them out of used boards for their games during school holiday. Thus, the park celebrates the facts of local memory- many years ago there was a young pioneer camp here. Some of art objects serve as thematic libraries – one can take a book from the shelf to enjoy the time by oneself. “There’s a beautiful swamp here, and the goal was not to spoil it” -such was the objective of Veretyevo Park’s author. Delicate and respective approach to such an ordinary manifestation of nature as swamp as well as to the local history is the important message of Veretyevo Park.