Feenu | Arte Laguna Prize Feenu
Rahimyar Khan, Pakistan 1996


Art section: Painting

Dimensions: 92 x 61 cm

Year: 2020

Technique: Acrylic on canvas

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My paintings are largely autobiographical, an acute observation of the constant transformation. By immersing myself and become in it, I go beyond myself. And become increasingly free. The process in itself is self-revealing, I use it to investigate, explore and enjoy the process because it’s very meditating for me. I visualize what I want to achieve yet without the knowledge of how I am going to reach my destination. My satisfaction results not from my successful arrival, but from the discoveries and inventions I encounter enroute. My journey begins with feelings then thoughts, line and colour follow with the harmony between texture. I have realized that I’m concerned to make different types of long single stroke lines with small brushes on large scale canvases. All the means are at my disposal to attain my purpose. I sand, splash, drip and scrub. The combination of painterly, conceptual and poetic maneuvering is what shapes my process. The sensual buildup of paint layer upon layer creates a sense if depth. I am interested in what we don’t see when we try to focus on what do we see.