Hasson Inbar


Inbar Hasson | Arte Laguna PrizeInbar Hasson
The Netherlands 1973

Two Swans From “Planted” Series

Art selection: Painting

Dimensions: 185 x 185 cm

Year: 2020

Materials: Mixed media on canvas

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Two swans from “planted” series My most developed series called “Planted”. The common denominator of this body of work is the starting point of my choice to reuse old paintings -portraits, landscape and still-lifes, works that I have done in the past. Around these existing paintings I tailor a narrative to the “characters”, a plot that is completely new to the creation of the early painting. The portraits are of real people that I have painted from observation but the whole scene in which I ‘plant’ the portraits is invented, fabricated. The characters are inserted into a story that is not theirs, moving between different possibilities of reality. Two swans: The power of youth lies in the illusion that young people often feel that they will always remain young. A certain taken for granted mindset. While the figure of the young man expresses confidence, his being, his gaze is somewhat self-centric, the older person seems surprised by his own reflection. When I first set the two portraits next to each other I felt that the combinati n, of the two contains a potential to tell a story about loneliness. Is there an ag for wanting and searching love?