X. Rico


Rico X. | Arte Laguna PrizeRico X.
London, United Kingdom 1986

The Stubborn Boys

Art selection: Photography

Dimensions: 105 x 70 cm

Year: 2021

Technique: Digital photography

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(This image is from the series of the same name: “The Stubborn Boys” It is also the only print of this image that will ever be sold.)

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The story: During a trip in Ghana and ventured down to the Cape Coast and visited the anglo-saxons dark past, aka the slave trade. After a few days of that, I wandered the streets of Cape Coast and down to the beach, where I found a narrow alleyway leading into a sheltered area on the beach “the fisherman’s hangout” were young men, some looked like young boys, young like they should be at school boys, not here. This group of males were referred to as “stubborn” by people on the outside, yet they seem wholesome, chilling, joking, mass making/repairing fishing nets, sharpening fishing knives, having an afternoon nap and playing what seemed like high stakes AGGRESSIVE card games. I was set, this was me for the next few hours.

The fisherman in this image is called “Kwesi” Location: Cape Coast, Ghana

(Actual print size may vary, but only by a few centimetres)