Drozd-Tutaj Anna


Anna Drozd-Tutaj | Arte Laguna PrizeAnna Drozd-Tutaj
Sanok, Poland 1969

The power of the element

Art section: Sculpture and Installation

Dimensions: 200 x 500 x 200 cm

Year: 2019

Materials: Handmade cotton napkins

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“The Power of an Element” is a composition consisting of used hand-made doilies that gained a new meaning. I formed them into a cone suspended in space which means it can be viewed from the inside. The mass of doilies forms a tunnel-like structure reminiscent of infinity. The work focuses the meaning of doilies associated with a traditional home, which implies a sense of security to which we all subconsciously aspire. This method of presentation of the form, suspended and stretched with a system thin cords, may also be read as an allusion of the delicate and vulnerable human body. Paradoxically, we are dealing here with an organic geometric abstraction with existential overtones. This is a rare example of a work of art using traditional crotchet-made doilies to create a contemporary and spectacular composition that, despite its monumentality, retains a certain ephemeral character.