Allexandra| Arte Laguna PrizeAllexandra
Vladimir, Russia

The journey to the moon

Art section: Digital art

Dimensioni: 70 x 70 cm

Year: 2018

Materials: VR gif

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Representation of the surface of the New Moon made in VP (Google Tilt Brush) in GIFs. The concept. The Journey to the New Moon is The Space Mission of exploring The New Moon, a planet which newly emerged at a distance of 70,000 light-years away in the Taurus constellation. THE SNEW MISSION (South, North, East, West) was launched in 2018 with its major goal of collecting data about the surface of the New Moon and analyzing whether this planet could be habitable by human beings. The first spaceship with its 4 explorobots touched down in a location which provides easy access to each of the 4 destinations, at an equal distance. The full dossier will be regenerated in VP and sent to the Earth. In addition to serving as advanced research, it is also significant as a type of space observation. THE NEW MOON The name of the planet refers to the naming customs with their intention to remind people of their motherland as well as to declare the similarities of both areas. In this case, the main correspondence with the Moon is represented by the several physical parameters of THE NEW PLANET, which are identical to the lunar ones. Physical characteristics Mean radius 1737.1 km Equatorial radius 1738.1 km Surface area 3.793×107 km2 Mass 7.342×1022 kg Volume 2.1958×1010 km3 The Journey to the New Moon is also a reflection upon the nature of exploration. From the beginning of its history, humanity aimed to expand its territory by conquering new lands and peoples and domesticating plants and animals. What are our intentions when we roam outer space? Are they the same as the Conquistadors’, who colonized more than half of the world in the Age of Discovery? Or as the Christians’, who propagated their religion by fair means or foul? Are we welcoming guests from another Galaxy? What are our expectations? Will we be greeted as friends or enemies? Would it be a guest visit or an invasion? Who will greet us as aliens, and how? Will they be happy about our desire to settle in their home place?