Cimatti Andrea


Andrea Cimatti | Arte Laguna PrizeAndrea Cimatti
Bologna, Italy 1964

Solitary meditation


Art section: Photography

Dimensions: 60 x 40 cm

Year: 2019

Technique: Photography

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There is a very short time between sunset and darkness. It is the time of dusk, when the light changes rapid y until it disappears. And it is a special moment that stimulates deep reflections, hopes, dreams and fears. It’s the moment that is depicted in this set of images where the nearly vanished natural light merges with the artificial one, creating a suspended, dreamlike and highly evocative atmosphere. What are these people thinking or talking about? We wil never know, but each of us can imagine infinite stories and associate a variety of meanings to each image. The pictures were taken with a non-professional digital camera in a city a ong the Atlantic Ocean coastline of Morocco. Following my conviction that photographic art is different from digital graphics, the images are all genuinely authentic and have not been heavily manipulated with post-processing software.