TakT| Arte Laguna PrizeTakT
Paris, France 1990

Scientific Emotions

Art Section: Performance

Dimensions: Variables

Year: 2021

Technique: Performance

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For the live show of “Scientific Emotions”, the 2 artists of TakT perform an interactive audiovisual performance with live music and video projections. Tyler Kaufman performs live electric sitar manipulated through the computer, electric guitar (with live beat making through mallets and corkscrews) and live looping while Adele Tilouine offers a V-jing live performance, reinterpreting together their science-art project Scientific Emotions. The live performances are layered and alter live the music and visuals of the videos composing the science- art project Scientific Emotions . In total, there are three video projections. All the live music is improvised in sync with the”Scientific Emotions” music videos, projected on 2 different screens on each side of the stage while a third screen in the middle of the stage displays the V-jing live performance. This live show has been presented at the Van de Goudenberg Art Gallery in Dubai as winners of the Emerging Scene Art Prize. Implementation: TakT is willing to bring revolutionary Omni Wave speakers by Bloomline (a TakT partner from the Netherlands) for the live performance if requested by Arte Laguna. The revolutionary speakers that work on OmniDrive 360 degre radiators allows a feeling of complete 3D audio for the audience.