Artopè Bianca


Bianca Artopè | Arte Laguna PrizeBianca Artopè
Munich, Germany 1974

Room without walls (Iceland series I)

Art section: Digital Graphic and Cartoon

Dimensions: 135 x 90 cm

Year: 2021

Technique: Silver leaf, resin, printed collage

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About this series: In this series I test the limits and the balance of power between architecture and the endless expanses of the Icelandic landscape. The architecture dissolves and yet it still forms a space, even if only fragments remain. Just a few windows, a staircase – and yet an idea of the space you can’t see is formed in your head. About my work in general: I question our world and our view of it. The conditio humana – the nature of man and the human being as creator and destroyer is crucial in most of my works. Due to the inhomogeneity of the used pictorial elements I create new thematic references. In my collages, I combine various photographs of nature, architecture with painted fragments and structures. Time and space, new and old, overlap both in form and substance. I create mysterious and atmospheric scenes that leave room for the viewers own interpretations and associations. About my technique and Material: With my specially developed technique, I transfer the digital artwork into an original work in which the haptic materiality plays a major role. In a complex process the artwork is printed on a canvas which is covered completely with leaf silver and then poured into epoxy resin. This gives the works an optical depth and a special quality of the surface. The silver in the background malt the colors shine from the inside out – so the pictures have a different appearance from every angle.