El-Hajoui Mohammed


Mohammed El-Hajoui | Arte Laguna PrizeMohammed El-Hajoui
Kelaa Des Sreghna, Morocco 1995


Art selection: Sculpture and installations

Dimensions: Variable

Year: 2022

Materials: Flour, metal, pigment color

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I did a study retracing my past analyzing the theme “Extinction” from a personal point of view. Specifically, my experience as a child in Morocco with my family: the days spent at home, the customs of my culture, the ancestral festivals and the concepts of faith of my religion. I decided to recreate a space that would recall my origins, now in the process of extinction, and at the same time a space with a reference to hospitality. The Radici installation consists of two key elements, the carpet and the door. The carpet is an invitation to welcome as it is an object that hosts people in order to share meals, daily moments but also the sharing of religious rituals, and ancestral feasts. The door takes up the concept of hospitality and will act as Mihrab, an important element in Arab mosques. It is oriented towards the Qibla, the direction of the mecca, and represents the sancta sanctorum of the mosque. The carpet is handcrafted with flour, taking up the customs of the past.