Kato Taisei


Taisei Kato | Arte Laguna PrizeTaisei Kato
Tokyo, Japan 1996


Art section: Performance

Dimensions: Variables

Year: 2022

Technique: Performance

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Potarhythm 2 is a musical instrument that enables real-time performance of the sound of water droplets as musical sounds by mechanically controlling the timing and pitch of the sound of water droplets as they fall and impact objects. Water sounds are often sampled for musical expression. However, when water is used as a sound source, the reproducibility of pronunciation has not been considered. Musical instruments such as guitars, which are made to sound by the real-time vibration of a material, can produce the same sound only once, depending on various factors such as the player’s touch and the sound field. The sound is a composite of the player’s intended inevitability and the coincidence of the material and environment. The uniqueness of the sound has value as a live performance. Touchable instruments have the potential to expand expression through misuse unintended by the developer (pick scratching on a guitar that is supposed to pluck the strings, or scratching to change the rotation of a record on a turntable by hand). However, sampling has only inevitability. I wanted to establish a musical expression with a combination of inevitability and coincidence using water sounds. I created this piece as an “instrument” to present the possibility of expression expansion, and at the same time to make my own musical expression unique.