Ghaddar Ahmad


Ahmad Ghaddar | Arte Laguna PrizeAhmad Ghaddar
Beirut, Lebanon 1994


Art section: Sculpture and installation

Dimensions: Variables

Year: 2021

Materials: Wood, cloth, found materials

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There’s a lot of processing to be done when it comes to Beirut’s 4th of August. A futile observation stopped me as I was exploring the previously abandoned houses of the re-shaped city. Not much changed, those were already abandoned. The only difference was that the birds and their nests that existed there were destroyed and you could see the birds lifeless on the floor. A small loss representing what is happening to us specifically this year. The nest mimics Beirut’s situation where most of us either died or left. It shows the natural desire in all of us to seek out a safe haven, the last sanctity of human life. People don’t want a Phoenix fairy-tale, they just want safe nests where they can carry on.