Hewitt Mark C.


Mark C. Hewitt | Arte Laguna PrizeMark C. Hewitt
Nuneaton, United Kingdom 1957

Les coffrets / Premium

Art section: Video Art

Dimensions: Variables

Year: 2020

Materials: Text, film, sounds

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Premium is one of a collection of 8 stylistically coherent black and white micro-videos that use spoken text and found footage to create oblique dreamlike narratives. They were created by playwright/poet/theatremaker Mark C. Hewitt in a creative collaboration with digital artist Matt Parsons. Each is voiced by a different actor, with Premium voiced by French actress Melissa Sirol. These miniature works were conceived as non-illustrational visual counterparts to an enigmatic poem sequence with the overarching title, Les Coffrets, meaning the boxes, related to the shape of the poems on the page. The ‘authorial voice’ in these texts is largely abandoned in favour of chance elements, such as words seen on clothing or lines of overheard conversation or phrases from online advertising, all of which occur in Premium. As such, these narratives offer no consoling message. The visual aesthetic pays homage to classic film noir and early Surrealist photography. Be driven by what you love!