Godlewska Maja


Maja Godlewska | Arte Laguna PrizeMaja Godlewska
Wroclaw, Poland


Art section: Sculpture and Installation

Dimensions: Variables

Year: 2020

Materials: Heavy cold press paper, paper, Arches watercolor paper

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My creative interests have been centered on nature travel and the landscape in the age of electronic devices and social media. I have been researching the spectacle of global tourism in search of the Sublime landscape, consuming the wilderness, an anthropocentric, Enlightenment era construct assuming that as humans, we are forever alien entities. I have shadowed travelers in the most instagrammable destinations, including Mauritius, Sicily, Iceland, Greenland, Tasmania and mainland Australia, Florida Keys and dozens of North American National and State Parks. While I observe tourists and address human-nature interface, humans have become increasingly absent from my work. Watercolor paper installations are my attempts at creating environments that would invite unhurried examination, for the viewer to follow their meandering form and variegated surfaces. They are my slow, defiant responses to the fast paced insta-consumption of the landscape in the pre-Covidl9 world. These laborious works are meant to remind us of a simple act of being in nature, or really maybe just being. They are my meditations on places that I have seen, invitations to contemplate, to remember…to put the camera away. The footprint of the installation varies depending on how many individual Islands are assembled, the work may be multi-part and expand by adding on rolls of installation and folding them in different ways.